80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, 64oz. 2-Pack

80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer, 64oz. 2-Pack

This stuff smells like funky tequila BUT.add a splash of essential oil of lemon…boomchakalaka… smells great. Now brand makes 8 oz bottles reasonable. Makes it a great bargain

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So…what you’re saying is…
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Does anyone know if this is gel, or liquid?

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Is this gel or liquid?

Active ingredient is just listed as “alcohol” - I thought it was required to specify what kind of alcohol?
Isopropyl, Ethyl etc…
Hopefully it isn’t one of the MANY being recalled for Methanol…?


This does not contain methanol … which is what made those others toxic
This also states made in KANSAS USA

How do you know, if the alcohol type is not listed?

Plus unless it has been recently tested, I would still be worried (since many of the recalled ones did not say they were methanol).

I am NOT saying this is a bad product, just for folks to be careful right now, since it seems to be a big issue.

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I would be careful doing that. Adding anything will dilute the amount of alcohol in the product. Therefore, your product no longer has 80% alcohol.

I wasted my money on this. It is liquid. And it does not State so in the description.


Put it in a small spray bottle and you can spritz it on and use it like gel. That’s what I plan to do with it. I also plan to put it in a large spray bottle to spray down surfaces in my classroom.

I bought this and it smells strange, it might be Wood Alcohol or methanol. It doesn’t smell like the regular rubbing alcohol at all.

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I wasn’t thrilled to discover it’s liquid.

But… It’s easier to soak rags with liquid than standard gel. It doesn’t seem to evaporate from the rags as fast I expected, so it lasts longer when I’m disinfecting numerous items.

If it matters, I’m fairly certain that it’s ethanol (rather than isopropyl) alcohol b/c you smell like a distillery when you’re done

Just mix it with some aloe, & boom, it’s a gel hand sanitizer. Keep in mind you want to maintain at least a 60% alcohol concentration in your final mixed product.

Watch out…if this stuff is made in Mexico it may contain ethyl alcohol which is toxic…look for country of origin before buying.

Exposure to Ethyl Alcohol can cause headache, drowsiness, nausea and vomiting, and unconsciousness. It can also affect concentration and vision. nervous system.

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Please do not spread incorrect information, especially during such testing times!!! :pray: :v:

What you mentioned is true about Methanol (Methyl Alcohol), not Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol). Ethanol is the most common and CDC recommended alcohol used for sanitizing products to sanitize hands, surfaces etc. whereas consumption of Methyl Alcohol in any form by any means (oral, rubbing on cracked skin etc.) can cause blindness in worst cases.

This is basic science we learned in high school, even before reading CDC articles.



Ethyl alcohol is also the type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. So while I guess technically getting drunk can cause those symptoms :crazy_face:, I think you are confusing it with Methyl.

Also, for those who haven’t figured yet and if you “do not want to buy something that is made in China”, please know, “Made in P.R.C.” also means - Made in China (Made in People Republic of China"!

That’s a new convention/print a lot of Chinese companies have started following to hide “Made in China” after a lot of backlash across the world caused by this Pandemic or otherwise!

Ignore the above if you’re fine with buying “Made in China” stuff.

100% correct and I missed to mention, so thanks to bring this up for more clarity! :fist_right: :fist_left: :smile:
Ethyl Alcohol or the Ethanol is what we have in almost all of our drinks/liqueurs/liquors, so cheers to Ethyl Alcohol, and BIG NO to Methyl Alcohol.


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