8pc Comforter Sets

I wish the one I like came in King like the others. :frowning:

This is a good deal :0
I want to get cozy in there!

Ok time to gamble… If I can finish this drawing and it’s not sold out I’m buying this!

It’d be so grand if there were any more information on this deal. I’m seriously torn on whether or not I want to pick it up.

If you let me know which item you’re interested in and what questions you have, I can certainly try to get some answers. :slight_smile:

Not happy with this set. It just arrived today…couldn’t wait to open it but once I did I was not happy with the colors at all. This is the third item I’ve ordered in which the color displayed or described is no where near what you get. This set actually looks faded and used. The colors are dull and more a dusty blue and a taupe. Design is pretty, color and fabric not so hot. Sad Wooster…:frowning:

There’s no branding on this set. There’s no thread count. It just seems like all the applicable information for any of these sets that I’d want when purchasing are missing.

In most cases when no brand info is available, it’s because the brand doesn’t want competitors knowing we’re selling their product for such a reduced price. Sorry I don’t have more details to share. :frowning:

The brand is Colonial Home Textiles. Can’t find any reviews though, which is a shame. I like the look, but am hesitant to purchase without knowing quality.

CHT Home Collection ChantalQueen Bedding Embroidered 8 Pcs

Hey- I’m interested in the “8pc Comforter Set - Gatework”… what TRUE color is the set? grey?

This is about the same price as other sites, I think I will pass :slight_smile:

Which set did you buy? The Reece or the Chantal Blue?

We didn’t get samples so those are photos from the vendor. They should correctly represent the colors of the set but keep in mind that it can look different from monitor to monitor.

How about what colors are in each set? Or at least the 8pc Comforter Set - Gatework. What are the colors in it?

We understand that colors look different from monitor to monitor, which is why we’re perplexed that there is NO information whatsoever about what colors are at least supposedly in the sets.

That seems like a good thing to add. Let me see what I can do.

Update: doesn’t look like we can do it for this sale - we’d have to get the info from the vendor. I passed on the suggestion for future sales though.

Thanks, TT!