9' Round Tilting Market Umbrella

9' Round Tilting Market Umbrella

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Does this come with the base?


In the “specs” it does not say a stand is included.

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Gets some low ratings on the mothership. You get what you pay for, this one’s a hard pass.

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What is the fabric type? Fabric weight (gsm)? Is the fabric UV-resistant?

The title says aluminum but the description mentions fiberglass-reinforced plastic - is it aluminum pole but plastic ribs?

Lots of missing information on this item…

Hi there. Per the vendor.

The frame of the unit is aluminum

The rib are made from fiberglass

The hub and crank housing are made of plastic

The fabric is a 6 oz polyester fabric with UV inhibitors.

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The Yellow has few, mostly poor ratings.

The green is better, but there is some gaming going on. Sorting by “recent” shows only 5 star ratings but not sequenced by date.

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Does this come with the base. Yes or no?

My guess would be a definitive no. It isn’t listed in the “what’s in the box” section. I also have never seen a patio umbrella advertised where the base is included, especially at this price. Again, this is just a guess.

Is a base required or can I stick it down in the sand(at the beach)?

What is the diameter of the pole at the bottom? In other words, what’s the diameter of the hole it needs to fit into? Thanks friends!

Hi ! Is yellow the only color available right now? Thanks Sally


Base is not included.

Standard 2" pole.