A thread with no name


I’m starting this thread because I’m old, cranky and bitter. I’m old, cranky and bitter at this moment because it seem every other thread on here starts out with an interesting theam, but by the second page no one seems to be addressing that theme. Oddly enough, or not, it seems the same five or six people start and answer all these threads then start posting totally irrelevant responses.

Here’s two interesting threads that were derailed:
the M.Wiseman Group: Wooters Who Killingtime Suspects Might Be So… (became a song lyric thread)

The Whine Cellar (people stopped whining and started critiquing woot contest posts, maybe I should have whined about that.)

Possibly I’m cranky because I can’t produce glib responses like others. Or it’s just as simple as what I stated before, stay on topic.

I’m off to look at some other interesting threads


How much can really be said about the usual suspects? There are only a limited number of people posting.

Isn’t critiquing just more whining?

So just what is the topic of this thread?

Good luck. There are none.


Off topic glib response.


On the first part of the journey
I was looking at all the posts
There was cruzer and ace and lynn and kt
There was poof and d’name and AZ
The first thing I saw was a contest abuzz
With the whining of losers so loud
The servers were hot and the craps were gone
But the forum was full of sound

I’ve been through the forums on a thread with no name
It felt good to shut down half my brain
In the forums you can use multiple names
'Cause there ain’t no one for to give you no pain
La, la, la-la- la-la, la-la-la, la, la
La, la, la-la- la-la, la-la-la, la, la


Very nice, qwert.
I’m afraid I can’t agree with that last verse, though.
Heh, heh.


What is your favorite cheese?

edit: great song!


I like it!! And not just cuz I’m mentioned . . . I especially like the chorus!

Uhm . . . what’s this thread about again??


We are a fickle and capricious group - easily amused but never fully engaged . . .


We are famous!
Only thing…we will give you plenty of pain if we figure out your multiple name!


So you are old, cranky and bitter…should fit in just fine here.


I have to say one thing, you guys are funny even if you have nothing to say.


Uh-oh, I think he figured it out.


And I’m old and cranky 'cause qwerty beat me to an answer and made it far more creative than my one-line lyric would have been.


You could give us your one-liner anyway. We’re polite.





Duneland and tracylee



MMMmmmm . . . fresh meat . . . unless they’re vegetables . . . but that’s okay cuz I’m an omnivore!!!


I do feel better now. I ate dinner, some kind of fish. It tasted good.

As far as guessing my alternate ego, go ahead. I’m much nicer with those. Sometimes they even answer each other.

I think I need to post under two or three names. Here’s why, I do think most people are two faced anyway. I went through most of my life telling people the truth. I.E., “your baby really isn’t that cute”, and this has lost me many friends. I’ve tried the “your baby sure is interesting looking” but that only made them angrier. So now I just say they’re cute and it saves me a lot of problems.

I wont rename this thread because it has no meaning. And as I predicted it’s already all over the place.

Good day gentelmen, and ladies, that sure is a cunning stunt.


Sounds like Fen.


Hummm, a Fen that can write.
Doesn’t qwerty change thread names?

Either way I retract my welcome to Duneland! He ain’t new!


Oh, I just remembered really why I started this thread, so I could be the first to post something.