AA Alkaline Batteries - 100 Pack

AA Alkaline Batteries - 100 Pack
Price: $29.99
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I love it when Woot has these. My 2 kids have so many battery operated toys this is the only way I can keep batteries in the house!

How much should 100 AA Alkaline Batteries cost? I have no idea.

How deep into the shelf life are we digging here? What are they dated?

W/out sales, about $100.00.

Below is $11 for a 12-pack from Wal-Mart. That’s about 8 packs for 100 (actually 96) and 8 x $11 = $88.


ugh, any one know more info on the BOC. I guess the link form last hour sold out. IS that it, any more at the end, any idea. Damn it woot, I ahd given up hope of ever getting a boc and now I was teased back into false hope!

According to the Specs page …

Battery size: AA
Battery chemistry: Alkaline
Best if used by: 2021
In the box:

Duracell AA CopperTop Alkaline Batteries - 100 Pack

It’s like 5 years. Good enough for me. Too bad I already have a ton at home.

Check the ‘specs’ tab:
Battery size: AA
Battery chemistry: Alkaline
Best if used by: 2021

They have been coming up pretty often, Just keep a look out for the Primo day image.

well, around here, a pack of 10 runs almost $10. I think $8.90ish? So for my area, it’s a deal.

I can always pick up a pack of ten Rayovac Alkaline batteries for $4.00 at Walmart. That’s 40 cents per battery and you’re getting Rayovac.

These would come to 30 cents and your getting Duracell. So it is a deal.

Just got a FedEx notice from Woot for 3lbs coming from New York… it’s either these or the boc… the New York part has me thrown???