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This site is awful!!! They offer a deal and make it impossible to get. I suppose if I were a computer whiz I could figure this out. WOOT is horrible.

What sort of difficulty are you having? I don’t work for Woot but maybe someone who does can help you.

You hurt our feelings! But really, more tangible feedback would be useful. Exactly what problems are you experiencing?

Hey nobody wants to miss out on a deal especially when it’s something we really need or want; even more so when money is tight. I’ve had it happen to me several times and I’ll admit it’s not fun. But that doesn’t make Woot a horrible app. It’s not their fault. App developers and customer support are real humans with real feelings. I’m a new Woot customer so I can’t say that I know all the ins-and-outs but I think their inventory is limited so when something sells out- it’s gone. I myself am far from being a computer whiz. But I’m having a good time as I figure things out.


Hi there. Welcome to Woot!. And yes, our inventory can be limited. We often get close outs which means limited inventory and sometimes limited selection.

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