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Where do I enter my refrigerator number to be able to figure out if the everydrop Whirlpool water filter fits my Maytag?

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Maybe here?

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There isn’t a thread for some of the items inside “Cookware for the New Year” listing.

The Calphalon 7 Piece pictures a 5 piece set.
The Calphalon 11 Piece pictures an 8 piece set.

Would like to see the exact set that would be shipped if I were to order one. Thank you.

Sorry about that. We’ve got some issues with threads being tardy. I’ve asked them to fix it. Also asked that they look at the photos for those two items.

UPDATE: Threads are there now. Photos are correct as well. There are utensils included in the sets.

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I think it’s so pretty that @system has a nice flower avatar.

I stay up in my sleep.

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I want to buy the Tasty by Cuisinart hand blender priced at $20.99. In check out, my coupon codes don’t work. JOINUS10 and SAYHI5 are supposed to be 10 plus 5 dollars off, so the hand blender should be $6. What’s going on with these valid codes not being added? I came to the woot site specifically for this deal.


Welcome, I answered in the product thread. Someone will be along shortly.