Acer Chromebase 21.5" All-in-One Desktop

Acer Chromebase 21.5" All-in-One Desktop

The Google Auto Update policy seems to suggest that this model’s updates expire at the end of this month (although this specific model number isn’t listed, it appears to be the base/original Chromebase.)

The PCMag review states that the HDMI port is an input, so you can use this as a monitor, but Acer’s own original press release states that it’s an output, which would make more sense considering these AIOs are basically just laptop hardware crammed in with a monitor, and video output is far more common on PCs than video input is.

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The sd card slot and headphone plug in aren’t very conveniently located on the back. You’d have to turn it 90 degrees to plug anything in.

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Yep, the usual update expiration problem of Chromebooks. Built-in obsolescence.

Can you expand the memory? If so what type should you purchase to replace or increase the amount of memory?

I’m pretty sure this is a touch screen, but I don’t see anywhere where it mentions that.
Apparently they make 2 variants of this model. One is touchscreen and the other is not. Acer Chromebase DC221HQ series. Featuring two models, one with touch and another without
Since it’s not mentioned I would assume this is the NON touch model.

About a year ago I bought a 24" touch Acer Chromebase CA24V-CT off of Ebay, I got it for $100 + $50 shipping (no longer available). I bought a stand off of Amazon Pyle Premium LCD Flat Panel TV Tripod then I 3D printed this Vesa mount keyboard holder My daughter is a musician and uses this to bring up her music sheets digitally, and/or listen and play along with music. It’s great that it’s touch, large display and the local keyboard makes it easy too. Less cumbersome than a mounted laptop and much bigger screen, and it’s placed right in front of her synthesizer. I’m not worried about the updates, because it will still work, I’m fine without the security stuff, and we don’t use many apps on it, just the browser. For a musician it can be pretty cool and it gets a lot of use.

EDIT: If you choose to use it like I did I would highly recommend a model with a touchscreen. The models here today at woot do NOT have touchscreens. I found this on Ebay seems like a good deal Acer Chromebase CA24I 24" Touch Screen Celeron 3215U 1.7GHz 4GB 16GB w/ KB Mouse for $200 (free shipping)


You can’t increase the memory on this model. Generally 4GB on Chromebook is pretty decent. On the model that I suggested from Ebay Acer Chromebase CA24I 24" Touch Screen Celeron 3215U 1.7GHz 4GB 16GB w/ KB Mouse it appears you can upgrade the RAM Can you upgrade memory on Acer Chromebase 24? then see this Acer Chromebase CA24I_Wb3215U Memory Upgrades

Price Drop

Small Print: If you already purchased, that money will hop back into your pockets soonish.