ACOPOWER 150Wh Portable Solar Generator Power Supply

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ACOPOWER 150Wh Portable Solar Generator Power Supply
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Portable Solar Generator is a bit of a misnomer: you can hook up a solar panel with an adapter. I have a friend who uses it with his CPAP. I have one, but haven’t used it other than a light and an ultra charger.

Not a generator at all, it’s just a big battery with a bunch of adaptors. Which is kinda cool, I guess, but really has nothing to do with solar nor any kind of power generation.

Can this jump start a vehicle?

I don’t think so. A car would need a few hundred amps to start, this is rated for 15. The battery capacity is big enough but the instant current capacity isn’t designed for it.

“Solar Power” and “Generator” both seem to miss the mark in describing it… More like versatile battery and inverter pack.

  1. I concur, this is not a generator in any traditional sense of the word. Converting electricity to electricity isn’t generation.

  2. A blog that hasn’t had a post in four years probably doesn’t deserve the sidebar, unless the message is “Woot used to try harder.”

Modified sine wave. I have a different brand of “Solar Generator”. Keep in mind that this inverter is really only good for electronics but not for things like fans that use motors. Basically if your device uses a “wall wart” or some kind of other external transformer you should be OK. Anything else is iffy.

Battery-wise, it’s a great deal. you want it for an emergency phone/router backup, this is a good deal.

“pure dual modified sinewave” just means modified sinewave.

It is EXTREMELY misleading to use that wording, as a pure sine wave is substantially different from a modified sine wave, and with that phrasing it implies that it is the better pure sinewave type.

Agreed this doesn’t generate anything except maybe heat.

Battery ransformer would be a more apt description

Take a look at the outlets for 12 and 110v. What the heck plugs into those? 1 circa 1955 electric fan from Kazakhstan?

Fake product description.

I think the weird 110 outlet is a universal type that will fit NA plugs as well as Euro and maybe UK.

I’d guess the 12v plugs have adapters?

I think they are counting the solar panel as a “generator”

So - it’s a solar powered battery that doesn’t come with a solar panel. Right…

Appears so. It’s like buying a Yeti 150 but half the price (almost). Solar panel is “optional” but nice to have if you take this thing to a camp site. 50watt panel would work great. Even that 150.00 (w/coupon) 100watt solar panel from Harbor freight would be a good add but don’t use the WHOLE 100 watt array.

But to be fair, it does include all the cables needed to hook it up to a solar panel, got decent reviews. You save some bucks unless you want the trend setter GoalZero devices.

Not meaning to cut Woot! slack on this one, but it appears several competitors in this market also refer to themselves as generators. They are all misrepresenting themselves.

Here is the only one I found that accurately depicts what it is.

No. If that’s what you need then something like this is better:

I’ve had one of these for a month or so. When the power went out, it ran my cable modem, router and tv for about an hour and a half, and only lost one bar on the power display. There are two ac outlets, one of which looks weird but takes the standard three prong plug. It comes with a 12v female outlet that plugs into a dc outlet port.
This is a good price. I’m very happy with mine, and may buy a solar panel if one comes up for sale on Amazon.

It has a built-in solar charge controller, and enable the solar panel max 50w to give it a charge, usually we call it solar generator

I use this with my CPAP machine while camping.

I have a ResMed Airsense 10 auto. Using the DC adapter and no heated tube or humidification I can get two nights of run time out of this battery. I’ve been very happy with it especially for the price.