ActivePro Resistance Band Set

ActivePro Resistance Band Set

Woot, you really need to stop selling this item. It is of embarrassingly poor quality… I purchased this item and have been unable to use it. In no way do these bands give as much resistance as advertised.
The clips are actually key chains… it’s absolutely not worth any customers money.

Woot, this makes you look a bit unscrupulous.


I was a sucker and purchased these as well. The clips are so small I can’t press them in to unclip them. If anyone is reading this do yourself a favor and do not buy these.


I see negative comments but i have to say if you are a light workout person these are great. I have them and use them every day. For the price they work nicely

Buyer beware. These are junk. Could be dangerous, too, if they break while using them. Looks like the same set sold by Groupon, as well, with bad reviews (from the few who actually received them in that sale).


If they do work, I read somewhere that you shouldn’t use them for more than 3 months, that they aren’t safe past that. I was looking into them while my gym was closed for covid.

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One of the bands snapped on me after a minute and a half of use.

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Cheap crap–I got suckered last time this was here. One of the hinged gates on the clip was missing, so it can’t be used safely. The resistance feels less than what they’re rated, and is not anywhere near linear–it goes from virtually no resistance to too much (feels like it’s going to snap). Sometimes I wonder why I bother with this site.

These are GARBAGE, CRAP,…aka CACA!!! I ordered them from Amazon directly, and they were shipped from China. The country of origin isn’t the issue, but the total lack of quality was. Amazon even had to use the A to Z Guarantee and refund me. Don’t waste your time with this exercise band set.