Adeptus Rolling Cart, Your Choice

Adeptus Rolling Cart, Your Choice

The amount of assembly these require is HUGE!

do NOT buy this cart! It will take you a minimum of 3 hrs to assemble - and it is not easy. In addition, one of the drawers as not made correctly and it is a parallelogram - not a rectangle so it does not close correctly :frowning: (This was the last piece to be assembled.)Woot said to return the entire unit . HA! After the whole thing is assembled and it weighs at least 25 LBS!

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The weak point in these is the bottom “floor” of each drawer. It is glorified cardboard that slides into side grooves for support. Put weight on it (as in reams of paper) and it sags, slipping out of the grooves. Not our happiest Woot purchase.

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Thanks for the heads up

I can’t say enough bad things about this item.
Hard to assemble (and I’m very Ikea savvy).
The drawers don’t glide, they stick.
The shelf part of the drawer is not at all sturdy.
Over priced, and I probably wouldn’t accept one if it were free. It probably would make lousy firewood.

It is very difficult to put together, Made a bit easier if you have a strap (frame) vise to keep the drawer parts together while you screw/nail them into place. The cart I have has only five drawers due to a missing part, which in two YEARS Adeptus has failed to respond with a replacement for. This should be a NO deal.

I’ve ordered lots of these over the past several years. They are straight forward to put together and the kids enjoy helping, but it takes an hour or two. I like the large number of shorter drawers as it makes organization of the drawer contents easier.

However, the last order, a few months ago, one of the side boards broke in half during assembly - it hadn’t been glued properly at the factory. The replacement was fine, but it delayed assembly by over a week.

The other thing I noticed is the drawer bottom and the back material is perhaps 40% thinner than it used to be. It’s working all right so far, but their choice to use thinner material is disappointing. It would be better if the drawer bottom fit more snugly into the channels cut into the drawer sides.

If I needed another, I’d get one here, but unfortunately the quality is deteriorating over time.

If I wanted to spend hours assembling a set of rolling drawers, I would buy something from my local IKEA that I could see in person first. Woot (aka Amazon) wants too much money for this, IMHO.

I don’t understand all the complaints about assembly. I figure it took around an hour to put together. Just make sure to sort your parts beforehand. Once you get the gist just how it works, it’s pretty much an assembly line.

One of the drawer runners was missing from the package though. I filled out a form on their website and they had the part sent to me within a couple business days. I’d already 3D printed a similar part, so the new one just sits in the bottom drawer.

I also added a layer of green felt on the bottoms, so it feels a little nicer. For the price, it’s not a bad set. Yes, there is a bit of assembly, but nothing agonizing.

Just wanted to counter many of the negative comments, because this wasn’t my experience at all.


I own a couple of these, one ordered a few years back, another a couple moths ago. Both are the 6 wide and I found assembly fairly simple. Took around 45 minutes each. I did use wood glue on each dowel for added strength. I l like them, quality is good for the money, and they are fairly sturdy.

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