Aduro Elevate Adjustable Height Phone Holder

Aduro Elevate Adjustable Height Phone Holder

Note that although it is adjustable, you can’t tighten it to ensure it doesn’t also self adjust :roll_eyes:.

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Thanks for pointing that out! I thought this looked cool, but you’re right, there doesn’t seem to be any way to keep the stand extended. Seems…problematic.


I bought it…That’s how I learned :confused:


Does a phone or tablet w/ a case on it fit securely?

My iPad fit on it but if you are planning to be touching it a lot, you can’t tighten it to prevent it from leaning down. If you’re just gonna watch a movie, video conference or mostly leave it alone, it’s just fine.

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I’ve been using it with a relatively lightweight phone, and I’ve been very happy with the stand in the week or so that I’ve had it. No issue with the stalk sliding down or the angle of the swivel. I can see where a tablet might be a bit much for it.

This stand is exactly how described below. Decent but very finicky if you plan on touching your tablet. I got this for quick virtual learning applications and calls. Not good for that as I can’t trust if the tablet is going to just fall off. The viewing angle can’t really be locked. If it had a top clamp it would be much better to keep the tablets in place. I haven’t tried it with a phone yet.

Adjust to desired height and then wrap the joint with duct tape to lock it in! :grin:

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The black stand is on Amazon for 9.99 with a 5% off coupon....... .50 off is probably not the best Woot deal that I’ve come across so far. :thinking:


Duct tape fixes everything!
What it doesn’t fix can be fixed with plan b…

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