Aduro PowerUP Smart 6-Port USB Rapid Charger

Aduro PowerUP Smart 6-Port USB Rapid Charger

I bought 3 of these to put in different places around the house. They seemed like a good deal. 2 are still working but 1 died 3 days after purchase. There was a loud pop from the charger, the power light turned off and a small bit of smoke came out of it. The warranty doesn’t seem to cover this so caveat emptor.

On a positive note: for the two units still working, they do a good job at charging smaller devices (phones) but I haven’t tried it yet on anything bigger like an iPad.

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Hi there. Sorry for the problem with the one. Remember you have a warranty:

Warranty: One Year Aduro Warranty

Lots of reviews mention the cable blew out and is a potential fire hazard.