Aduro Rearview Mirror Universal Clip Phone Mount

Aduro Rearview Mirror Universal Clip Phone Mount

This Is Awesomeness! I have a Galaxy Note10+ and this fits, no problem. It is great to navi without having to look down! It’s great :+1: Buy it!


This product is rubbish. The above review is fake. Two Aptos and it would not fit… No matter how it was placed. It is a hazard as it moves around. Not ever secure. Really low quality plastic. Spring lever sticks. You must certainly will rush an accident by how unstable this is. I almost did myself.

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Get something that has a dash base and suction cup clip. I got one on main site. Lightening deals. Worked perfect. This rear view mirror coupon is possibly fatal.

@AquamanUSA , You should definitely use that sucker thingy. You maybe setting your arm wrong or it’s just difficult to get just right.
This is a game changer for me.
Not a fake review, but hey, some people just like sucky thingies, riiight?