AeroBed Family Travel Pack

What are the chances of the TSA allowing this to be a carry-on for airplane rides?

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Inflatable beds are just another reason for you friends to crash at your place after a party. I steer away from that.

on Oct. 1, 2010, it was announced that Coleman (a division of Jarden) had purchased Aerobed. This will probably be one of the last products on Woot! from the pre-coleman era…

Press Release

I expect woot to save me more than 20% to get me to buy stuff I surely don’t need.

The twin would fit in the SUV. Anyone know if this has a boston valve?

This is a quality woot.
Great for travel, cheap. Nice job Woot, you found us a deal!

Now, may I ask why every time I say bag of crap you change it to bundle of oats? It’s annoying. KNOCK IT OFF TURD.


It’s not TSA you have to worry about. Individual airlines set the standards for carry-on sizes. It looks a little big for most of the major airlines.

Link to most airlines size requirements

How well does this hold up vs dogs and cats?

A helpful tip when using these air beds (any, actually)…put a blanket down before you put the sheets on it, or a nice thick mattress pad. You will feel the cold through the sheets if you don’t!

nighty night!

These are sweet. I’ve got a twin size, with the internal electric pump at the foot of the bed. Great when traveling, and better than a lot of “real” mattresses I’ve slept on. However, if someone places a pea under one, you will NOT feel it. Sorry.

I wonder if the weight of this thing is under 50 lbs so it can get loaded on plane without paying an extra fee? I have a Queen size and it weights about 15 lbs…so its probably ok.

Holds up to 750 lbs??? When I am tipping the scaled at 700+ the last thing I am going to be sleeping on is an air mattress!!

You could always refuse to provide the Air!

This does not have a boston valve. It has a self sealing flapper valve, unique to Aero products. The pump which is included fits into the opening tightly and when the pump is removed, the valve seals itself. The screw on cap is a secondary seal.

Mst be the carrier that brings this up into this price range eh?

I haven’t ever paid this much for single layered air beds.

maybe they cost more in other parts of teh country eh?

I guess this is a good price for these, but I swore off aerobeds after 2 of my raised aerobeds (1 purchased from woot long ago) developed humps in them within a year or so due to some internal seam separating. Appears to be a common problem at least on the raised type, so I don’t have any faith in the aerobed name.

I already have a pump for other things. I guess I’ll also have to get a DC inverter for the second motor.

“AeroBed Family Travel Pack”?

For a family of 2 perhaps. Any time I tried sharing a queen inflatable with my ex I wound up on the ground. Better to invest in good sleeping bags.

I suppose a single parent could take the twin and let the kids fight it out on the queen… but then no one sleeps.

You can’t be sure of that. It’s a long strange road between you and those 700 pounds. The world could look a lot different when you get there, and an air bed just might be the bed of Kings in those future days of girth and mirth.

Better beat the rush and get 2 now. You can thank me later.