AeroBed Twin Size Raised Classic Inflatable Bed

AeroBed Premier Twin Size Raised Inflatable Bed
$64.99+ $5 shipping

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1 AeroBed Premier Twin Size Raised Inflatable Bed

Oh, Man

You can get this at Wally-World for $49.95

Just in time for Burning Man. Seems like a good deal.

queen yes…twin no thanks. night woot!!!

Froogle: Froogle link

Why would anyone need this? 64 bucks? that seems expensive… u can get one of those air floating beds for the pool for a dollar.
90.04 at ComfortHouse

Looks like a good deal, really wanted to get in on the Queen size version they had a while back, but missed out. Thinking about this one to have around for a stray house guest.

Aerobeds are a great last minute guest bed, but a twin? Who sleeps alone?

I had one of these, and it was too high and wobbly for me. I dreamt that I was on a boat every night that I slept on it. Seriously. Just hanging out on it can give you a kind of sea sickness.

The plush velvety surface on this is a great feature. Otherwise the sheets slide off.

Okay, I have the kingsize of this and it’s great.
Looks like I’m in for a couple of twins, too.
Hope this doesn’t get deleted

Some sleeepy pricing… (fyi -> shipping + tax not included)

SecretPrices … $199

PriceGrabber … $199

Froogle … $199

Hmmm… Boring price variation, way more than Woot too.

can you cut it in half to sleep “2” ? Anyway - off to bed for me - night wooters!

I always get sweaty when I sleep on Aerobeds. I think it’s because the Aerobed surface doesn’t breathe. I mean, it’s good that it doesn’t, because it would deflate if it did, but it makes me all sweaty, even on cold nights. I’m not usually a sweaty person, either.

Also, look at me, I only posted this message once

That one for 90.04 is not the same bed, its an AeroBed Sport, not as durable, and lighter, for camping. The Premier is their best line. 158.99 is the cheapest I saw on Froogle and Ebay : Here

Oh My Gosh! What I’ve been dreaming about my whole life! NOT! I guess I could use it for the inlaws when they come visit and hope it springs a leak! :slight_smile: Thanks Woot but no thanks! I’m gonna go have real dreams on my real bed! Nighty Night! Don’t let the bed bugs bite! Wait, can they bite on a plastic bed? What are the stats on that??? Hummm we should research that. Darn, that’s gonna keep me awake all night now! :slight_smile:

Can’t believe I actually went online to find out if aerobeds can get bed bugs! I need some sleep I guess. Anyway, I found this:

“Instead of a plastic mattress cover, you can use an Aerobed instead. Bedbugs obviously can’t get inside the airtight mattress and they’re light and easy to move when you want to clean underneath. Regularly moving the mattress and vacuuming everything including cracks and crevices thoroughly will help control the problem.”

So for people freaked out about bed bugs the aerobed is perfect for you! I am finally going to join my bed bugs in my bed. Nite Nite! Thanks Woot! You’re the greatest! :slight_smile:

It looks like this is going for $84 on froogle… just scroll down past the high prices.

Here’s the link to the $84 price:

They’re going for about $60-70 on COMPLETED ITEMS via ebay:
Ebay search links are rather long
etc etc etc…

As for whether it’s a good deal or not, I wouldn’t hold my breath. To whoever said earlier that the lighter one would be good for camping, what sort of camping have you been doing?!?!

Can you please provide a link or source to get this same product at WalmendoftheworldasweknowitMart?

Thrank You in advance,