Air and Water

I’m starting to see why your name is @spiritgreen ;). Very peaceful design.

beautiful in every way imaginable :slight_smile:

Beautiful, man. Nice one.

Wonderful colors and design! Congrats on the print Spiritgreen.

I apologize if this is a stupid question, but do the symbols mean “air” & “water”? And in what language?


What a poetic write up. A love between worlds, kinda like this:


Thanks art team for the print, and for the nice comments guys!

Yes, the Japanese kanji for air and water.

To be precious, the character 空 (a Japanese Kanji or Chinese character, the same) means “sky” or “emptiness”. The English word “air” could be 空気 in Japanese or 空气 in Chinese.

Nice design, BTW.

What a gorgeous shirt!

Great art work, theme and use of color.

So 水 is the shape of water.

Glad I didn’t waste time watching a movie and the Oscars to find that, when I can see it here on a t-shirt.