Air Beds

Personally, I’d rather have the queen mattress with never-flat from the mothership’s warehousedeals (like new) for a couple bucks less.

They were $85 last month (new).

With that said, I own the queen never-flat version and like it. It’s even better if you put some sort of topper on it (eg feather bed) but in a pinch, it’s better than, say, a hide-a-bed. But you will want insulation both above and below you if you’re sleeping in a cold room.

okay it was almost 2 years ago… but $20 cheaper:

We bought a bed on Amazon (below is the link) $30 cheaper and in the few months we owned it and used it over 25 times no issue. We do put a topper on it and it is comfortable. Built in pump and it takes less that 4 mins to fill it or empty it. Comes with a storage bag.[/url/