Airbuds or AirPlus Bluetooth Earphones Bundle

Airbuds or AirPlus Bluetooth Earphones Bundle

I bought these a few weeks back on Woot. I have no complaints. They seem to work pretty well. I will say, the charge lasts much longer than 2 hours. I totally expected these to be junk, but they seem to work perfectly.

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I also bought these a few weeks back and they sound fine and mine have kept charge for days. I came back to this discussion to inform buyers that the actual ear bud is larger than the iPhone brand. If you have small ears, these may get a little painful after a while.

I got a set a few weeks ago from woot. I have mine paired to a Galaxy S10. They work well and seem to have a decent sound. I can walk pretty far away from my phone before the signal starts to drop.

What’s the difference between the Airbuds and the AirPlus? Why should someone buy one versus the other? FYI… I have a Samsung phone.

I could be mistaken but the less expensive option is just the earbuds, charge case and silicone cover. The other includes a plug in charger, wireless charger and other stuff. The ear buds are the same it’s just one comes with more accessories. I went with just the earbuds and case.

Got it. Thanks for the quick response!

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So weird, I thought Amazon was going to stop selling Apple knockoffs.

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Are both Airbuds and AirPlus wireless rechargable (Qi)? I ask since I already have numerous recharge mats and really don’t need another

So the cheaper version does have a charging connection in the case, but no storage battery in the case, so you can only charge the buds with a cable connection?
The cheaper version also lists a 50 foot range? ‘The headphones have a range of up to 50 feet in an open area’. Also says 25 feet?
Are the buds actually identical except for the charging/storage system?

I bought these prior to buying a light pair of AirPods. The sound quality is well below average but you get what you pay for. I suppose they would be fine for listening for to audible books but music quality just sucked.

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Hi there. Since BT works via line of sight, its range is 50’ in an open area and 25’ if you’re in a more dense environment.

BT is not a line of sight technology but the range sounds appropriate

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Can you confirm if there are any technical differences between the AirBud and AirPlus products?

I also bought these here in early December for my mom. She didn’t want them so I took them. Wearing them for an hour and a half, the earbud fell out of one of my ears twice and clattered to the floor, then I started nudging them in every ten minutes or so. Pairing was also a little wonky. First one bud paired, the other wouldn’t until I stuck them both back in the case and took both of them back out. Connection cut out three times and re-paired immediately without my intervention with my phone right in front of me. I’m not returning unless these problems increase, but I also wouldn’t buy a second time. I have numerous other high quality headphones, these will be a fun toy or used as backups for my spare backups.

I honestly can’t believe that amazon is still selling knock off crap.

Do the Air Buds come in golden? Can they make free throws, or are they only good for three pointers?

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This feels like a comment from when Woot was fun. How dare you!

I just received these today, finally lol.

So when UPS delivered them today I was all excited that they would be just like AirPods and like the other knock off pair I bought on Amazon, where when you flip the lid it sends a notification to your iPhone that there are AirPods and do you want to connect to them.

The pair I got on Amazon popped up with this notification and then after being connected changed the name to A2Mini but none the less would still show you the battery for each bud and the case.


You must go into the actual Bluetooth settings and pair them manually.
Then after that they will connect every time the lid is opened.
They will not tell you battery status like AirPods and the A2mini.
They show the battery level in the control center for the buds and there’s a meter in the case for that battery level.

Needless to say I’m very disappointed with that but I haven’t actually tested them with everything else yet.

I’m going to run them through the ringer and if not satisfied I’m just going to buy ACTUAL AirPods lol.

I’ve included pics of unboxing and the notification I was talking about.
(@ 5 pics per post. A little ridiculous just bc I’m a “NEW” user…)

I will update more as I test more features.

Unboxing AirBuds