Airthereal Air Purifier, 315 Sq. Ft.

Airthereal Air Purifier, 315 Sq. Ft.

315 square foot room is about 15’ by 21’

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I’d love to see a review of this - couldn’t find one. Wirecutter tested a bunch of stuff in this segment but this seemed to escape their scrutiny.

It’s pretty hard to tell if an air purifier is working, so it’s nice to have someone with a lab test the model.

I know that my winix air purifiers work because they never fail to turn on after I pass gas.


Five :star: :star::star::star::star:. I bought this exact model three months ago from Woot. Use it 24 hours a day. It’s great. Powerful for its size, does a nice job of cleaning the air (I vacuum the filter every month and it needs it). Compared to other purifiers in this price range it’s a steal.
I don’t know how they figure a square foot rating, because with the fan on low, it may filter all of the air in a 315 sq. Ft. 2 times an hour; on high it may be 7 times per hour. It’s kinda loud on high ( I like white noise) but I’m sure it would do just fine in a 400 sq. Ft. room. If I needed another one, I’d definitely buy this one.


I bought 2 purifiers, but could only buy one filter pack because the quantity limit is 3. Is there a way I can get another filter pack?

Will the filter fit the APH260 model? @ThunderThighs

I have this model in my living room and the fancier model in my bedroom. The fancier model shows the air quality. I believe the measurement because anytime I smerk a berl, it shoots up. From what I can tell - these things are worth the money. My house was built in 1920 and they keep things fresh.

Does the purifier come with one filter in the box?

Sure thing. We upped the limit to 5.

Yes, it comes with a filter so it’s ready to use.

Hey so I think I got the fancier one you’re talking about too(the one that was on sale a cpl weeks ago? ) I live in a prewar building myself …

So I’m trying to figure out if mine is broken or buggy at the least. It’ll sit anywhere from 10-20 for air quality when it’s seemingly ok… Then all of a sudden it’ll jump well into the hundreds (130+) out of no where. At a moments notice, I occasionally smoke MJ but every instance this has happened that was the furthest thing from the case. And it’ll stay in the hundreds for well over half an hour before I eventually try turning it off and on again… There’s no way air quality can be so poor from one second to the next I think, right?

Oh also I always make sure it’s level and 15in away from any other surfaces.

Anyway, you ever see anything like that?

Awesome. Thanks!

what is the merv rating please?

I think that’s just for HVAC filters. Either way, I scoured their site and manual (linked on the site) and it’s not mentioned.

I have never seen it jump without a valid reason. If we hot box the bedroom, it jumps and lowers within minutes. I would definitely contact the manufacturer.


Best comment today.


Thanks that totally confirmed it for me… Suspected the one I got was possibly used before

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I just bought the purifier, but Is the HEPA filter a standard replacement size? Would it fit my Alexapure Breeze? And is the filter a deal or just standard pricing?

Yeah, that should fit my master bathroom. :wink:

No, the filter is only compatible with the APH230C air purifier.
If you want to purchase the filter that fits the APH260 air purifier, click here to buy one: original version, H13 version.

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