AKG N700NCM2 ANC Over-Ear Headphones (NEW) - Black

AKG N700NCM2 ANC Over-Ear Headphones (NEW) - Black

Or you could be truthful and say that retail price is $127 (found on Amazon) which makes it more like 22% off.

[MOD: $299 on Samsung]

Anyone own these? Comments?

I don’t understand where Woot get’s in pricing information from???
Amazon.com: AKG (A Samsung Brand) N700NC M2 Over-Ear Foldable Wireless Headphones, Active Noise Cancelling Headphones - Black (US Version), 2.6, Model:GP-N700HAHCIWA

[MOD: $299 on Samsung]

The highest price was around 300$ Older pair and they are flushing old inventory.


These things have great reviews if I didn’t already have three pairs id be on it!

What are the dimensions inside the cups?

I’m pretty sure TT has answered this only about 1000 times. They get the description and pricing info from the MANUFACTURER.

It is probably even just an API that goes to the mfgr website and pulls the info. Thus, Woot doesn’t even have all that much control over what the description says.

In the grand scheme of things, does it make that big of a difference? In this case, it is still less and you would still save some money for (per reviews) a great set of wireless headphones.

Stop being such a negative-Nelly by finding something to complain about and see what is positive. Or, just shop somewhere else. Not everything on Woot is a great deal. The mature response is just to move on from the item you don’t think is good and you will eventually find something great.


List Price (aka MSRP)


The price on Samsung’s site is $299.




This is the second version of the N700nc which eliminates the TruNote feature from the first version for… usb c charging. Very unfortunate and possibly a cost saving measure due to AKG/Harman being acquired by Samsung.

TruNote uses microphones inside the earcups that auto calibrate the sound to eliminate left-right driver variation and compensate for different sealing performance from the earpads on different people.

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Been told several times it is the supplier/vendor of particular item that provides
… I am told this when I point out random listing X has a msrp as stated by the actual manufacturer as let’s say $200 woot says its $500 current and past postings from vendors everywhere say $200msrp except maybe 1 that says something else yet msrp has never been more than the current statement of $200 and sale prices have never been more than say $75 by any one ever
But hey it will be $70 on woot with that 500 msrp so its a real good deal

These headphones though… they actually were at some point sold at full price for a very, very short times before being discounted… I bought one here when there were no comments yet.
The limited reviews state they have better audio than the Sony gen 3 and the bose ii and 700…
I really don’t care about their lack of exceptional blocking capabilities anc.
I care about sound quality and the one guy w/with small head saying high clamping force uncomfortable yet the guy with huge head saying exceptional comfort,…I have a huge head… guy states walks into baseball cap store and has to go for the xl size - I walk in and walk right back out cause none will stand a chance fitting my size 9

And same guy whining about clamp force says both amazing audio better than this and that very neutral which is a down side for him… neutral or natural or uncolored is the most important thing something conveying audio can be… something that delivers audio exactly the way it was made.

Now if these are actually that… I’ve never heard them and have no idea I doubt they will live up to it

I am on an endless quest for great audio and would like to be able be happy finding good enough.

I have the version 1 of these headphones with TruNote. ANC isn’t superb, but good enough to drown out my air purifier and computer noise which is basically what I wanted ANC for. ANC has no noticeable hiss in the noise floor.

I’m also part of the huge head crowd. No issues with clamp force. These are very comfortable. Frankly, there’s metal running through the headband anyways so you can probably stretch them to get the clamp force of your liking anyways.

I am very happy with them with the one exception that they have developed a creak that occurs when adjusting the jaw. The creak either comes from the plastic housing or the joints. But that seems to be a common issue with most plastic based headphones unless you want to get something with more metal components (heavy).

Oratory1990, an audio engineer who actively comments on reddit, rates these highly among ANC headphones.

The relevant over-ear ANC headphones (2019) : oratory1990

The version 1 of these closely follows the harman target curve with a bit of extra sparkle in the treble. I haven’t seen measurements on the version 2. The AKG headphone app lets you set an eq if you prefer something else.

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