AKG Noise Cancelling Headphones

Just got mine in - they cancel sound very well and sound fine, but the photos are very misleading!! The photos show the AKG wireless Bluetooth version, and when you look them up on Amazon or online to get more info that is what comes up as well. So it was very confusing and I thought I was getting Bluetooth functionality. Buyers beware that the photos are not accurate and you’re getting the wired only version. The little note in the title needs to be more clear if you’re going to have the wrong photos!

I think the photos are actually showing both, the top photo shows the wireless ones and the wired ones and then the next two are pictures of the wired pair and the last two are the wireless. Must be the listing was originally a choice between the wired set and the wireless.

I think most of the reason it’s misleading is because AKG don’t know how to use different model numbers for different headphones.

I also bought a pair of these the other day and am waiting for the to ship.

Thank you both for the feedback. I’ve hidden the offer until the Electronics team can look into the issue.

UPDATE: The team confirmed there were two sets of photos. We are selling the wired version.

If that’s not what you were wanting, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.