Alcohol is a Solution

Alcohol is a Solution

It’s a solvent!


Whisky is a solution. Alcohol is a compound, a solvent.


Nice design. But I’ve seen this saying before - didn’t Woot have another shirt with this mantra?

Thank you posters correctly pointing out that alcohol is not a solution. This slogan always irritates me.


“Luke Stiner may or may not be a chemist.” Obviously, he’s not.

Or, if he is, he needs to hand in his diploma.

Alcohol/whiskey are solutions,sometimes,however, it never Solvents anything.

I want a shirt that says “Medically, alcohol is poison” (or “a toxin”)

If we’re going to talk chemistry about it, alcohol is a wide variety of organic molecules with an OH group on a carbon atom. Alcoholic beverages are solutions of ethanol in water and usually some other things, yes. (Don’t drink pure ethanol, and don’t drink other types of alcohol, in solution or otherwise.)

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Or a valuable disinfectant