Alexa-Enabled 2-in-1 Wooden Kitchen

Alexa-Enabled 2-in-1 Wooden Kitchen

I was going to post vid of the little Scottish girl yelling at Alexa, but then I started reading the reviews…

This will take AT LEAST 2.5 hours to set up. Melissa gave an excellent and detailed review about the sounds without connecting Alexa. It appears to be quite interactive when used with the wooden food supplied (that has magnets inside).

But also:

Oh my gosh… because we don’t already have enough devices eavesdripping on us as it is, not we’ve got them listening to our kids, too… and we’re paying for the privilege! :roll_eyes:

Unless you have a Scottish accent, apparently.

This one is $30 cheaper on Amazon too. On the bright side though, y’all are making some money for the mother ship off me today :joy: