Alexa-Enabled Ora WiFi Mini Smart Plug - 2 or 4 Pack

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Alexa-Enabled Ora WiFi Mini Smart Plug - 2 or 4 Pack
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bought 2 recently here. I wanted to use them as timers to turn lights on/off when we are on vacation. the jinovo app won’t do this. it works great to turn light on when enter the room. you can “name” it whatever you want: mine are john and joe. “alexa, turn john on” and the light comes on.

What is the wattage rating?

Can you dim with them?

Anyone know if these will work with Smartthings?

These are smart outlets, so I’m willing to bet that you can’t do much in the way of dimming with them. Kind of like the Clapper used to do back in the day (except with a handful of more options and a smaller chance of your appliances randomly turning on and off).

If you want a smart lamp that can be dimmed, the Hue bulbs are going to be a better bet. These would be great for something like a fan that you don’t want to get up and turn on, an aquarium/grow light, a radio… that sort of thing.

I’m tempted to get one for a pair of powered speakers that I’m constantly forgetting to turn off, but the cost of entry is a little steep for something that’d save me 20 steps.

Not much of a savings as the mother-ship has the 2-packs for $34.99 and $36.99 with free 2 day shipping with Prime and NO TAX as they are from Marketplace sellers.

6 month warranty as well (get an extra year with most credit cards)

Also free, no hassle returns.

So how deep does your woot loyalty run?

No dimming. Disregard the printed name as these are marketed to be sold by wholesalers but all made by same manufacture in China.

Be aware that this uses an app which requires some very concerning access into your phone. Most notably, it requires the need to control and make phone calls. Seems like they could be spyware.

In my case, I installed it, set them up, and then immediately removed the app (I control using Alexa now they’re configured).

Thanks for that info on the app and potential spyware. Good reminder.

They don’t work with SmartThings or Wink. I bought 4 of these before I had any home automation stuff other than an Amazon Echo. The key is to use the TuyaSmart app to control them or add them to Alexa, it works way better than their official app.

Buy these if you’re not planning on converting many things to your home automation setup because they’re so easy (just need wi-fi). If you plan on eventually converting the house though, a hub with Zigbee or Z-wave is the way to go. You don’t want your wi-fi channel being so crowded that it creates interference. As it is, I can turn off specific lights with my voice (“Alexa, turn on the den light”), and my reptile light is now on a timer with these, but they can’t be automated with other scenes using my hub–like having a motion sensor turn on the lights, or having all lights turn off when I leave the house. None of that matters if you’re not buying a hub and fully converting one day, though.

I made the mistake of buying a Wink Hub 2 after I bought these because the Wink says it works with Wi-Fi, Z-wave and Zigbee, so I thought I would have all three. Well, it only works with wi-fi in the sense that the hub connects to your network using wi-fi, not to control other wi-fi devices (like these).

Of course, since I went on to convert many more things to automation via z-wave, the Wink hub ended up being a great purchase, but if I had to do it all over again I would’ve bought z-wave plugs since I ended up getting addicted to home automation stuff (and it is addicting).

I’m going to echo the concerns about privacy and their smart phone app. But I didn’t know you could remove the app and these outlets could still be controlled by Alexa without it - thanks for letting me know!

I bought four the last time they were here as the price at the time was a good amount less than Amazon. However, when I made the purchase Woot said the 4-pack was unavailable so I had to get two 2-packs for a few dollars more. What Woot ended up sending me was four individually packaged outlets (four single-packs) so I do feel a little cheated - even if only for a few dollars.

A word to the wise that is never quite fully explained - wherever you use these outlets you must have decent wi-fi signal coverage from your home router. If you don’t have good wi-fi signal then they may not work well or not at all. I have excellent coverage in my entire house so they work fine for me, but if you can’t get them to work reliably this may be your issue.

They are rated for a load up to 10 amps, which is far more than any common household light or coffee maker. You could easily control a tower fan or box fan with one, but not a window AC unit. These outlets don’t dim - they are ON or OFF only. If you are using Alexa on an Amazon Echo or Dot you can give each outlet an identifying name (desk lamp, coffee maker, Fred, etc. ad nauseum). I’ve seen the Dots on sale for as low as $35 so that is a great way to get into home automation on the cheap - plus the Alexa voice operating system is a real winner and incredibly versatile.

I probably wouldn’t use one to control a TV or other electronic device (like a computer, router or modem, etc.) as every time you turn it on it would have to boot up from a cold zero-power start - and may even revert to basic settings such as TV input, channel, etc. Could be a bother.

An added benefit is that due to the shape and size of these outlets each will only block a single plug in a wall outlet, leaving the other available for standard use. Overall, I think that as long as you have reasonable expectations and a little savvy with a smart phone these are a good purchase.

Anyone know if these can be controlled directly (ideally in network) by a PC?

Anyone know if all communication between the cell phone apps & the outlet is via the Ora’s servers, or is it direct phone-to-plug? If you can access the plug offsite, it means it’s all through a server.

Do not use these for coffee makers!! Most coffee makers use around 1500 watts at start up which is 12.5 amps, assuming a standard 120 volts.


Is the ability to establish an on/off schedule in the Ora app? And the app must be running on your phone and connected to a network somewhere in the world, or you don’t get your on/off schedule?

Can Alexa manage an on/off schedule if the app is not around?

Seems less reliable than a crappy lamp timer, depending on needs.

Is there an open API that I can use with these directly?

From what I have found:

Create schedule from Ora app: Yes
Ora app must run for schedule to work: No
Schedule from Alexa: No
Less reliable than a simple timer: Yes

Not that I have found.