Alien Tape Reusable Double-Sided Tape

Alien Tape Reusable Double-Sided Tape

Specs tell us this is 7ft long, but how wide is the tape please?

Securely holds up to 17.5 pounds? The load bearing capacity should definitely depend on the length of the piece of tape. It should also be influenced by the thickness of the object being secured. Is this tape recommended for mounting pictures?

WE NEED ANSWERS! and I’m not watching the infomercial

I saw this in a friend’s junk drawer. She didn’t know what it was but it was the thickest tape I’d ever seen. No idea how well it works. It was around an inch wide, as far as I can recall.

I picked up some a few weeks ago, and after reading the instructions, returned it.

They read if used on sheetrock or painted surfaces, it is permanent.


Being a professional framer for years I tell people to never use the 3M Command stripes for hanging anything but Christmas cards. They are only as strong as the substrate you are hanging them on. Paint on wallboard drywall or plaster. Or worse wallpaper. Paint over wood, also bad. Pull the finish off a panel…
I’ve had to replace too many frames that people thought they could hang. Not to mention the floors, hall tables and beds that have gotten damaged.
So, I would say no. Do not hang anything of value with it.


Similar reusable nanogrip tape can be purchased on Amazon for under $10 for a 16.5 ft. roll, so this isn’t really that much of a bargain (59.5 cents per foot vs. less than 60.6 cents per foot). One is simply committing to buying more.

This works best on hard, smooth surfaces. If the surface has any layer that the tape might grip more strongly that the material behind it (e.g., paint on drywall), keep in mind it could peel off when removing the tape.


It will damage some surfaces if removed, so they note it’s a “permanent installation” in such cases.
From the TV ad: “This is a permanent installation.”

Well, congrats, your tablet is now permanently stuck to your cabinet I guess…

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All we can say is…
This Alien tape was “found” in area 51, 40 years ago.
It needs to go. Soon.
Don’t ask any questions if you want to avoid government intervention.


It works great on my interstellar critter cage, the flights needed to bond to the overlay better; dual dueling grips is still the way to go I’d say!

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Why in the world do i need a 6 pack of this crap if its truly “REUSABLE”?!?! Smh

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With 42 ft of this stuff you could probably recreate the viral video of the woman who had herself duct taped to a door while standing on a chair. It did not go well when she kicked the chair away to test the duct tape. (She was shaken, but not seriously injured.)


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“Everyone knows theirs two sides to every tape.”

Pretty sure “there’s” two sides to every tape.