Am I totally missing it, where is the search bar?

I don’t see a search bar to look for certain deals. Checking the forums, I see they asked if they should add one.

Why do they need to be told???

There’s 5 main areas to narrow your search down along with All Deals and Clearance on the main page.

That should narrow down your search a bit! I like the random search.

Everything in life is so orderly and searchable that it’s nice and refreshing to find an area in life with a little bit of random.


It’s a big-budget project. The stock changes so fast it’s not a simple project.

Dave… I hope to god you’re not in Polytics there in Warshington…
And Pepper… WOW, is that ever a bullcrap answer…

Not really. It is a huge project that just hasn’t bubbled to the top yet.

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I try not to say/think that but I can’t deny that you could be correct.

if one could search and find a particular item to buy on woot, it may as well be a wholly owned subsidiary of amazon.

i had a sudden urge to extrude some play doh into fun shapes but just as suddenly it went away.

life is so random.

If you can do better, do it.

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What’s the magnifier on the top right do?

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makes my penis visible to the nekkid eye

searches the forums but lacks filters for stuff that isn’t for sale any more, or price filters, etc.

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if i want to search for derby hats for sale on woot, it comes back with a lotta shirt designs that aren’t even for sale.

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I hereby grant you permission to use the Advanced Search features.

Be careful. They’re powerful.

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it returned a page for “derby hate”

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