Amazing Flameless Candles

yo woot! what gives man!

I’m trying to check out the remote for those awesome looking candles and bam "not so fast, hotshot
You want into this party, your name better be on the list. And we don’t see your name on the list. Sorry. What is that? A $20 bill? Are you trying to bribe me, sir? What kind of doorman do you think I am?

If you think you’re seeing this message by mistake, write us and we’ll try to help. Now, step aside, please. The real guests need to get through."

Sorry bpr2, looks like that links to an older sale and Woot Staff forgot to nuke the dead link.

I’ll ping them and see if it’s still offered or if they need to remove it.

[EDIT: The remotes are sold out.]

aw,man, that remote with the candles would have tied the room together! man… (thanks for looking into it! :slight_smile: )

would this work?

If I purchase more than one of the three piece sets will the included remote work for multiple sets at the same time? I’d love to grab some glowy goodness!

Edit: I’m guessing it would, since they sell what appears to be the same remote (hard to tell in the packaging) as an universal flameless candle remote on their webpage.

It looks like the tan set comes with the remote…I’ve been duped by false photos before.

Does the remote come with this set?

Perfect to go with my faux rug and fireplace…

Yes, the two sets that show the remote, come with the remote.

the problem with all these sorts of candles are the button batteries they use. generally expensive, hard to find and expensive. a real bummer. besides the estimated lit time is is about half true.


Can you get a picture of the top view of the heavy drip candles? I don’t really want to throw down $20+ on an artificially lit candle, if there’s a sort of plastic flame shaped piece where the wick would be.


The ivory set shows a remote, but says that it’s sold separately. So, which is correct?

My bad. Sold separately on that one.

These might take AA. Can anyone confirm?

That is correct. The batteries are replaceable and they take AA batteries.

Thanks for the inquiry!

Getting kinda bummed. This is the second discussion I’ve posted a question in, only to have woot staff not reply at all, except to other users & their questions.

Aside…does anyone know what the “wick”/top view is like of the heavy drip style candles?

Thank you.

I’ve asked. Sometimes we don’t get samples so we don’t have any way to get different photos. But I’m asking.

Update: We do not have samples. I’m sorry.