Amazon Devices Smart Plug - Used

Amazon Devices Smart Plug - Used

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I’m going to be “that guy,” and while I think smart plugs are awesome, I think these Amazon plug’s should cost less.


  • Single outlet height
  • WiFi Smart Plug (with Alexa)
  • 15A maximum output
  • no hub required
  • $12 is not a lot of money, and a smart plug may save you money over its lifetime while also providing convenience.


  • No energy monitoring feature
  • No Bluetooth
  • No Matter/Thread support
  • No HomeKit support
  • Exclusively works with Amazon Alexa
  • Reliant on cloud service
  • More expensive than smartplugs offering two outlets per plug
  • More expensive than smartplugs with HomeKit
  • More expensive than 2-packs from great brands like Meross and Kasa
  • More expensive despite Amazon profiting off your Alexa mic “commands” and purchase habits.

Smart plugs are an easy first step onto smart and automated homes. Remote control and automate pretty/existing lamps, studio lights, decorations, space heaters, fans, toys, stereo equipment, power strips, and more. I think smart plugs are great! This particular smart plug seems robust enough. And Amazon provides amazing goods and services.

For contrast, I just picked up a 2-pack of new plugs supporting Homekit and Google home for $11.99. Before that, I bought a two-pack of Meross dual-outlet plugs (so four individually addressable smart outlets from two wall sockets) that also support HomeKit and Google Home for $21.99. Right now, you can buy a four-pack of dual-outlet Govee with 15amp output, bluetooth (for an option when Wi-Fi signal is weak), and Google Home / Alexa support for just $39.99 - $10 instant coupon… that’s 8 total individually addressable outlets for $30 that improve on the features available from the Amazon Smart Plugs.

Many people use smart plugs for lamps and decorative lights; in which case the smart plug is hopefully less expensive than simply buying a smart bulb which also has automation features, in addition to dimming or even color features (like a $15 Nanoleaf Essentials bulb with pure white, RGB, and Matter/Thread support).

If Amazon cloud services are ever down, these won’t function. Many people are fine with Alexa and therefore Amazon mining, analyzing, and profiting off of data about each user – for me, if I’m opting into that in my home or business, I would expect their products (including these smart plugs) to be subsidized in return for my data, and be the least expensive around.


Can this smart plug help my daughter with her math homework? Does it have AI or anything? Why is it smart?

It’s smart enough to respond to commands from your smart digital assistants, smart home hubs, and apps.


Hahaha! No, “smart” here just means it works with commands or automations from your smartphone. If your daughter is having trouble in math, she could use the smartphone to cheat and get the good scholarships despite learning little. It’s the (new) American way!