Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker w/ Alexa

Amazon Echo Dot (2nd Gen) Smart Speaker w/ Alexa

A used Echo Dot 2nd gen for $10. A fair price but understand its attributes…

For $10 more, the Echo Dot 3rd gen is regularly available for $20, even today here on Woot. Sometimes it is even available new at that price. The 3rd gen Dot is much better sounding and addresses the biggest single issue with the 2nd gen Dot - not playing load enough. And the 3rd gen Dot includes far field 4-mics vs one mic on the 2nd gen, improving its listening discernment.

Still, advantages and use cases for this inexpensive Echo Dot 2nd gen:

  • If you want to inexpensively add Alexa capability to a sound system either via 3.5mm (on the Dot side) audio cable or Bluetooth. For example, Streaming music.
  • For semi-hostile environments like a dusty shop since this Dot is the last one whose case is entirely plastic (no fabric), so easy to clean. Much better sound quality than the also cancelled, also all plastic case, Echo Flex.
  • This Dot was also the last one to use a non-proprietary power supply. So you can easily power it from any power source that can accept a standard micro-USB cable. Even a portable battery pack. But would be no Echo Tap, in terms sound quality. Amazon, bring back the Echo Tap!

Great deal

Good roundup, thanks! I might be in for one for the purposes of hooking up to my stereo but mostly I just concur about the Tap. I’ve got 3 I bought here on Woot and except for where the are more-or-less intentionally crippled by Amazon, the are by far my favorite Alexa speakers.



Add the smart plug to your order for $0.99 if you guys missed it.

Personally I think the 2nd gen are crap but the 3rd gen are decent.

Might want to do some research first. TP-Links are better. We have two Amazon smart plugs sitting on the self as backups, one of them we got for 99 cents in a promo and then other, $9.99, on a Prime Day deal. I feel so strongly this way that if I needed another Echo Dot, I would not pay 99 cents for another Amazon smart plug.

  1. Amazon smart plug is only compatible with Alexa. So if you wish to run Google Home (can’t imagine valuing privacy so little) or simply run smart plugs and bulbs independent of a smart voice environment (for example using the excellent TP-Link app), you cannot.

  2. Unlike TP-Link smart plugs, Amazon smart plugs forget their settings when left unplugged. We have dedicated smart plugs for Christmas lighting, inside and outside, and the TP-Links remember their settings off season, including sunrise and sunset offset timing triggers.

BTW, for those folks tempted by the Wyze smart plug or bulbs, we’d also skip them. Not only less reliable, but when used in a room with TP-Link smart plugs, their responsiveness is very noticeably sluggish, often a couple seconds slower.

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I agree with what you’re stating here. I personally don’t use an echo or any smart plugs nor could I find a use for them even if they were given to me for free. My wife likes the 3rd gen echo but this price is four times what we got ours for.

Just wanted to make sure people who are looking to purchase this at least see what Woot was offering. :}

It would be a better deal if these things could connect
No wonder they are dumping these LOL

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Basically word-for-word what I came here to say. The one 2nd gen that I still have currently in-use, is in exactly the scenarios you describe. It’s in my garage, hooked to the garage stereo via 3.5mm jack, and powered via a micro USB from the receiver. For that, it’s perfect.

For all the others around my house, I’ve updated to the Gen 3. I have a single Gen 4, but only because I got it free. I still prefer the puck design to the sphere.

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Ordered the very good condition and the speaker doesn’t work at ALL!!! ON TOP OF THAT I COULDN’T RETURN IT- says contact the company to return and phone service don’t work so they expect you to email and wait 24 hours for a response. Dont waste your time and money cause youll likely end up with un tested junk like i did :neutral_face::face_with_raised_eyebrow::expressionless:

If you’re talking about Woot’s customer service, they have been having issues with their phone service. If you emailed them, they will get back to you quickly.

Electronics can fail, whether they are new or refurbished. I’m sorry you are having trouble with yours.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

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I got my Echo Dot 2nd Gen today. Several days faster than Woot’s estimated delivery date, which is good. Other than a small blemish on the side. The power supply and the cable appear brand new.

I ordered WHITE, I got a BLACK. No big deal. Packing list stated WHITE. Go figure.

I expect to use it outside under a covered porch. It will be connected to a small amp and some 6 inch speakers.

So far, I’ve tried twice to add it add it to my Alexa smart home. Both times failed. I understand it’s an older unit, but I guess I’ll have to look up how to do a factory reset and start over. This time I’ll be within 4 ft of the wireless router, so maybe that will do the trick.

I’ll report back if I have any further issues. But for $.9.99 I am not complaining about having to jump through a few hoops to get it up and running.

EDIT: My two failed attempts at set up were because I tried to do it too far from the router. After resetting the device (hold down Mic and volume down) it went flawlessly.


I bought a couple of these to get started, after a while I upgraded to version 4 and haven’t looked back since.