Amazon Echo Look

Amazon Echo Look

I use this thing called a mirror, and then let my wife & kids tell me if i look like a total putz or not.

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I have one of these. They take excellent selfies. I never use the AI aspect. Two things annoy me: It defaults to png instead of jpg, and there’s no way to change that in the app, and the name of the file is always image.png. The name doesn’t increment. So you’re always saving over the previous file. But, you know, if you want selfies, it’s excellent.

I guess if you colorblind and/or just a bad dresser this could be a good idea. Other than that, I don’t get the self absorbed person who always needs a “selfie”!

Maybe there is a hack to make this more useful…let us know if you have done it.

I guess I don’t blame Amazon for wanting to make a buck off the rampant narcissism in our society.

It saves over previous files? The description says you can create a catalog of all your outfits. How can it do that if it always saves over the previous image?

I save them to a different directory under different names.

For those who don’t know, Amazon is shutting down the Echo LOOK device and app and it will become a paperweight on July 24th.

To get compensation, just add an Echo Show 5 to your cart on Amazon and apply the code ECHOLOOK20 for a free Show 5. The Echo Look device must be registered to your account on Amazon, and this works even if you bought it from here for under $30 I bought mine for $26.99 plus tax and I just ordered my free Echo Show 5 which retails for a minimum of 49.99 at launch special discount pricing to current price of $59.99. I believe it’s gone as high as about $80.

" You aren’t completely stranded if the smart camera was a mainstay of your morning routine. Android Central notes that Amazon is notifying at least some Look owners that they can get a free [Echo Show 5 if they add the connected display to their cart and use the code ECHOLOOK20 by September 24th. It’s not clear if every customer is getting that offer, so don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work." (Source Engadget)

Amazon will pay for your terminated device.

So, if you bought one from here, or elsewhere and it’s registered to your account, take advantage before September 24th and score a free Echo Show 5.

Damn. I knew I shoulda bought one