Amazon Echo Sub

Amazon Echo Sub

I bought one of these last time (just a couple weeks ago;) that was actually the first time I learned that this existed, and they’re apparently already on the 2nd generation (this is the first.) I have an original Echo, and I was aware that they’ve been adding other Echo gadgets like the Show and Dot, but had no idea this subwoofer was a thing, which is a testament to Amazon’s shitty marketing I guess because this is exactly the type of accessory I’d been wishing for!

For music, the Echo is pretty clear and pleasant enough but lacking in the low end which this sub pleasantly augments. I actually wish I could filter its range even lower, because it activates a little too far into the midrange (I listen to EDM) but other than that it’s a welcome addition. The only drawback is that, while once you set it up the Echo & Sub work together when you tell it to play music, the Sub doesn’t appear to activate when my music alarm goes off in the morning.

What 2nd generation sub are you referring to?
Can you link?

2nd gen?..did I miss something?

Why do you need bass with your alarm?

uh because… who wouldn’t want their alarm to have all the bass if they listen to EDM to wake up in the morning. :crazy_face::stuck_out_tongue:


Still too much for me to bite. If I want mega bass when playing music on my echo devices, I’ll just use my Echo Dot connected to my home theater system via the aux cable.

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There is no volume control for this at the moment - just an EQ. In the EQ I’ve taken the bass all the way to its lowest setting and it still doesn’t sound right. Very loose, comes in to high (as other commenter suggested), and sounds awful at lower volumes. Mid volumes it’s okay, but higher volumes it gets loose and distracting again.

I wouldn’t recommend this until they add independent volume control in the software.


If you have an extra sub sitting unused somewhere connect it to a dot and add it to a music group called “with bass”. When I want the extra bass I ask Alexa to “play music with bass”


Sorry I didn’t see the comments in this thread earlier, and I didn’t get any notifications for replies, but I don’t remember what I saw when I made the “Echo Sub 2nd gen” comment several months ago. vOv Sorry for any confusion, maybe I was mistaken?

Because that would help wake me up due to the extra noise/vibration? I didn’t think it was that cryptic of a comment!