Amazon eero Pro Mesh WiFi Router (Wifi 5)

Amazon eero Pro Mesh WiFi Router (Wifi 5)

Will it work with my Google mesh router?

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I was wondering the same, when our Internet company sent us two. They do not work with Google Mesh, unfortunately.

According to some reviews I have read, the Eero is better than the Google Mesh. At least the latest ones are, and this isn’t the latest model.


Not sure if this is typo or I am dumb but I bought a eero dual band 6 (2020 version) some months back for 89 bucks. Is this really wifi 5?

Regardless, contrary to their claims of speed and range, I find them pretty lacking in the range. I bought an extender and put it on the far corner of my modest house just to get decent coverage in my detached shop. My old router worked fine.

But I wanted it for the controls (kids) and the software is pretty lame. I have many things on guest for convenience and you cannot put guest users into a profile. And if I have blocked my kids using a non-guest wifi, all they have to do is switch to the guest network. With all my home automation devices on guest, I just cannot be switching that to use a password.

And along that vein, with the dual band, you don’t have 4 networks but two that automatically switch between frequencies. Good luck getting smart plugs/etc. connected. Works but you have to jump through hoops most of the time.


From Amazon’s page:

Tri-band WiFi radios, simultaneous 2.4GHz, 5.2GHz, and 5.8GHz wireless 2x2 MU-MIMO, beamforming, IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac

AC = Wifi 5