Amazon eero Pro mesh WiFi router

Amazon eero Pro mesh WiFi router

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Is this the Eero Pro 6? It doesn’t say specifically anywhere. Just Eero Pro Mesh. I’m guessing 6 based on the pix. Can anyone confirm?

From the pictures, this definitely seems to be this model: Eero Pro Mesh Wi-Fi Router

The technical details (near the bottom) say that it is only wireless AC (which is 5). While it is a tri-band router, which helps with wireless backhaul, it will not get the same throughput as the Eero Pro 6. It’s definitely a good price for what it is, but it’s not very future proof.

That being said, I’ve been using a tri-band AC mesh system (TP-Link) in my home with 600Mb service from Comcast, and I’ve had no problems, even without wired backhaul. I don’t get the full 600Mbps wirelessly, but I don’t really need to, as HD streaming requires less than 20Mbps. If I didn’t already have a tri-band system, I’d probably jump on this, but I’m waiting to go to Wi-Fi 6 or 6E, the next time I upgrade.

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Based on what the details say on Amazon, it is an eero Home WiFi System 2nd Generation – 2017 release. As the PRO 6 came out after that it’s not. I was also wondering if it would still be able to be added to my PRO 6 mesh.

This is the 2nd generation Eero. Dual band. I this used on Ebay for $40.

I have two of the new Pro 6E with a gigabit internet service from Frontier and it rocks. One is connected to the main modem/router and the other is configured as an extender. But it only gives you full wifi speed if you are connecting a WiFi 6 device. Older devices will be limited on connection speed.

I am currently using the gigabit ethernet port on the back of the extender to connect to my PC, but wireless connected to the main Eero. I can get up to 800 Mbps.

I think the upgrade to the newer model is well worth it if you have a faster internet connection.


I love how the description says ‘Shocking - turns out anything is better than renting your router from the cable company’. I live in Florida and have xfinity for internet. The router rental looks like it is $25 a month but they call it xFi complete to try to trick you. I asked them what would change if I just bought my own router. They said I wouldn’t get unlimited data. Just like with paperless billing where they make you lot onto your account to see your bill, they are trying to hide info from you so you won’t catch things and just have the bill paid automatically.

I live in TN and have Xfinity unlimited with my own devices.


Any suggestions on a dsl modem that would pair well with eero

Thanks for the info. It didn’t really sound legitimate when they told me that. Do you pay extra for it? I think right now I pay $80.56 for internet. It’s $99 for internet: superfast (this is what it’s called), then I have a $39 contract discount and a $5 discount for auto pay and paperless billing, $25 charge for xFi complete which is the router rental, I get the xfinity flex for free but never use it because I watch other streaming services.

I am going to have to figure out what router to get now.

My internet provide offers this device and it replace the router. Just use this as the router and modem. Much faster in multiple devices and constantly does over 300 mbps on multiple devices even though I only pay for 300.

The eeros are great and it works well for me. Just know, for the more technically inclined, you can not have separate 2.4ghz and 5ghz networks, nor can you make a second network to silo devices. You can temporarily have (iirc 15mins) of separate 2.4 and 5 networks to connect a finicky legacy device, but it won’t be permanent. It has worked well enough for me to connect my 2.4ghz devices, and once they are connected I have no poblems. For some this lack of features is a deal breaker. But alas, such is the case withost mesh routers.

Is that 152 mghtz band really make the pro+ that much better? I’m familiar with what the portal router offered. But what gives. RIP portal router. Taken by razer and nothing new as a result! :frowning: