Amazon Kindle (2016) 6" 4GB E-Reader

Amazon Kindle (2016) 6" 4GB E-Reader

I always get a chuckle when Woot lists Kindles under “Computers” and not “Electronics”.

I just checked in on the Mothership and this version of the Kindle is no longer available new. The new version is going for $65 but has a few extra features this one does not - namely a built-in light and Bluetooth connectivity for listening to audiobooks.

Personally I love electronic readers like the Kindle (I currently use a Kindle Oasis that I got from Woot) but the must-have feature is a built-in light. No light = no sale for me. Personally I would wait for a Kindle Paperwhite to show up here for about the same price even if was refurbished, because the backlight is much better and the screen has more pixel density per inch, giving you crisper, clearer text. Regardless, reading on something like this Kindle would be much more comfortable than on a smartphone (and not impact your phone’s battery either).

For anyone not wanting to get locked in to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service to read books, you should know that there are many other ways to either buy, borrow or get free books onto your device. Many public library systems now support electronic versions of books that you can borrow from them online; there are other bookstores and booksellers that have their own online presence other than Amazon; there are open-source and public projects that have been converting and making available for free older books that have entered the public domain; and I highly recommend and use the excellent “Calibre” ebook software for your computer that lets you manage your books on whatever device you have, just to name a few options. Plus if you have Amazon Prime, there are a few thousand titles available for free from Amazon in their “Prime Reading” program that is included in the cost of Prime.

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FWIW, these have bluetooth.