Amazon Smart Plug

Amazon Smart Plug

Wish we could get an outdoor plug.

I have 2 questions I’m absolutely certain could be answered by a Google search but I’m really tired and stupid today so here I am.

These work over WiFi, right? What happens when you start to have just too much stuff on your WiFi network? Like, I’ve already got several smart bulbs and then I add a bunch of these and at what point does that start to affect my Netflix enjoyment?

I forgot what my second question was. Told you I was tired and dumb today.


Found this. Looks like a pretty easy read.


Thank you TT! I remembered the second question. What happens to a smart plug when the wifi cuts out. Like, if I have a bunch of things on these plugs and the physical power switch is on and then the wifi dies will, like, all my lights and my coffee pot and my samovar all come on once?

I bought one last year for about the same price… Made by “BN-Link”. Item #X001XP3QML. Worked great for my holiday lights.

Yes. Just had an outage on Monday. When power was restored, everything connected to a smart plug went on, even though they were off before the outage.

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If the Wi-Fi dies, then your Alexa will not be able to tell it to turn on. You will have to press the small button on the side of the unit to turn the light on or off or whatever you’ve got plugged into it.

A typical router can support up to 250 connections (MAX) The average download speed in the US is nearly 100Mbps. Things like smart lighting and plugs do not take up very much bandwidth. Your network and streaming won’t be effected by these devices. Buffering won’t occur until there’s multiple video streaming or any bandwidth hungry applications running simultaneously.

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SOB - I just bought one of these off Amazon for the full $24.99 price 3 days ago. I was hoping for some type of sale but I didn’t want to wait too long, since it is a gift for an upcoming birthday on April 26. Oh, well.

Anyhow, we have one of these that was free when we bought an Echo device and it works great. I have a routine to turn on a family room light at a specific time each morning when we get up and another routine to turn it back off when we leave for work.

I always run my devices on my neighbor’s guest network, just in case.


If wifi dies, the light (or whatever is plugged in) will just stay in whatever mode it’s already in.
No commands received, no changes happen.

These work great. I always get them during prime days and other special events. They sell them for 5$. They even had a deal if you linked a best buy account and purchase thought Alexa it was 5$ too.

Yup, that’s my fear. Sigh… Looks like old-fashioned timers are what I need for most things, then, though I might pick up one for… actually I’m not sure what because now that I think about it, I pretty much only have lamps on my list of “things I don’t want coming on if I go offline” and I can get smart bulbs for that.

Thanks everyone for the answers. Very helpful!

Is this the same thing for $10 new?