AmazonBasics 175 Watt Inverter

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4.1/5 Stars (40 ratings) & 3.9/5 Stars (33 reviews) on amazon:

However, the $49.99 list price is complete BS. It is currently listed for $33.27 and hasn’t been listed for more than $36.70 since June 2012.

$19.99 + $5 shipping is still a good deal lower than the actual list price of $33.27. Not sure why woot feels the need to lie about the list prices of items.

175 watts is pretty weak and this isn’t a great price.

For a few dollars more you can get this 400 watt inverter at Amazon. $31.99 w/Prime shipping or even cheaper from 3rd party sellers.

Not many 12V outlets can handle a load of 400W, though.

I’d buy one but I have three plugged into my garden already.


For future Wooters of this product, please avoid. I was looking for a lightweight, flexible inverter (this thing came with a 12v socket and battery clips, how nice!), so when it arrived I was eager to try it out. On my very next road outing, I plugged it into my 12v port in the car, then hooked up a tiny bluetooth audio receiver that doesn’t exactly draw a lot of power. This thing ran like a champ for 10 minutes, went pop, and then I smelled that chemical/vinyl-y aroma that meant the magic smoke had gone out. 175 potential Watts of load is a bit of a joke, considering. :confused:

I’m really sorry to hear about that- if you haven’t already- try contacting Amazon Basics since your inverter is still under warranty. I’ve never contacted them for something I didn’t also order from them, but it seems like you can contact Amazon here regardless!