American Red Cross ReadyWise 60s Emergency Meal

American Red Cross ReadyWise 60s Emergency Meal

Your header says 60 meals but the bucket label lists four servings of six entrees (6×4=24).


I found this on the company’s website. (RedCross 60 Serving Emergency Food Supply Bucket – ReadyWise)

What’s included in this kit?

  • 1 pouch of Cheesy Lasagna (4 total servings)
  • 2 pouches of Creamy Pasta (8 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Pasta Alfredo (4 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Chili Mac (4 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Chicken Noodle Soup (4 total servings)
  • 2 pouches of Savory Stroganoff (8 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Hearty Tortilla Soup (4 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Potato Pot Pie (4 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Teriyaki and Rice (4 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Baked Potato Casserole (4 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Tomato Basil Soup (4 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Southwest Beans and Rice (4 total servings)
  • 1 pouch of Cheesy Macaroni (4 total servings)

If you magnify the picture of the back of the bucket, The very last statement of pouch ingredients is the number of pouches of that particular product in the bucket. I did not add them all up, but I only saw two meal types that had two pouches instead of one, which matches with the full inventory Bratiskim provided. So I assume it is all correct.

…Now need to find freeze dried meat products I can reconstitute and add to this ‘hamburger|chicken|tuna helper’…


It looks like the non-pasta meals are gluten free based on the ingredients and the “contains: whatever” statement. Can anyone confirm?

Between me and my alter ego, this would last an entire 2 days.

I’m not fat, I have a primordial pouch, thank you.


Generally speaking, most emergency food supplies are based on 1200 calories a day, which is often considered a starvation diet. You can do it for up to 30 days, but after that you start harming your body. At 60 servings, you are looking at a total of about 72000 calories, which would maintain your “primordial pouch” for about 15 days - assuming you ate and slept only each day.

Source prepperinfo(net) - been prepping for several years.


Freeze dried meats are not needed for energy. Meat makes us feel fuller longer, but its actually fat and carbs which gives us energy. However, if you do want freeze dried meats, you can buy #10 cans of beef for about $100+ each. In the long run, it might be cheaper to buy your own freeze dryer - but it will run you about $1500 + electricity (don’t forget to buy the pump - sold separately, too). Instead, consider dehydrating meat, which can last about 5 years. A dehydrator will run you about $100 or less.

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You underestimate my ability to overeat. Plus, I’m eating for two, don’t forget my 2nd personality.

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Is this a good deal? Thanks!

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I bought 4 of these buckets and decided to open 1 to examine the contents. One of the pouches was punctured and the smell was horrible. I’m returning them all.

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Do these ever expire?

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Freeze dryer for $1500? Point me to it and I’ll buy it right now.

The avg FD is $3k and up, with the the only affordable brand available to the consumer being the HarvestRight that I have, but to your point which I agree with is a person would be better off buying a FD as it will pay for itself in about a yr or quicker depending on how much its used.

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You can get keystone canned meat with a 5 year minimum shelf life. Way cheaper than freeze dried and you can use it for stew and such pretty regularly so not hard to rotate out.

‘Entree bucket’ really sells it.

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No - check the mothership. And don’t forget about tasting good.

Probably; all food eventually does.

People need protein and many of these meals are 6 grams or less, most people aren’t cutting it with 18 grams of protein/day. That’s why it’s good to have lots of cats.

Buckets back in stock!!!
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Yes, cat food is high in protein. :laughing: