Amrapur Luxuriously Soft 100% Microfiber 8-Piece Sheet Set

What qualifies for free shipping? What is this coupon that is mentioned, is it for free shipping?

Is this item on Amazon with free shipping?

These are available on Amazon, but not at this price. This is a much better deal.
Amazon reviews are very high for hits product. Sheets are soft, a little thin, but held up through 4 washes.

Sheets look great and the price is great, the fabric is lousy, very thin. This is a classic example of “you get what you pay for” If you are looking for cheap sheets for the guest room, fine. If you are looking for nice sheets for you to sleep on/in, look else where.

Would highly recommend you pass on this. Beyond thin and the pattern is only on the top side of the sheet. Irregular stitching in some places, stitches missed the end of the fabric (folded edge) on others…but the best part was the hole in the middle of one…definitely got what I paid for…buyer beware

I like these very much, so far. The “blush” color is a true peach - so that turned out better than expected. These are soft like brushed silk. Ah.