Anyone here use Procreate for their shirt designs?

Talking with a potential new woot designer!
Trying not to scare her away with all the nuance that is woot.
She uses Procreate on her ipad for her drawing… I know nothing about that.
Would it work? Anyone use it? Any advice? Links? Tips? Recipes for Hummus? Oh, wait, not the last one.

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Do you have any experience with Procreate? I’ve seen a thread that you mentioned it a while back.

I never got down with it, but @fishbiscuit5 does, and you can’t deny her output :slight_smile:


I’ve heard from a lot of artists that use it for design. Actually seems way more functional than what I use (Sketchbook), at least from videos I’ve seen online.


I used procreate exclusively for my woot designs for a long time. I have recently incorporated using Affinity Designer because its text abilities are stronger. I do most of my design, all of my cleanup, and my file prep in procreate too.


I use Procreate, Affinity Designer, and Photoshop or Procreate for file prep. Procreate is easy, fun, and allows me to draw anywhere since I always have my iPad with me. Affinity is perfect for text manipulation. Google free brushes for procreate. There are a ton of them. Check out my TikTok for tips. Pinned video is a quick tutorial using Affinity for text on a circle. @fishbiscuitdesigns


You are all awesome. She saved this post, so I will make sure she checks back here and posts questions…