Anywhere LED Night Lights, 3-Pack

Anywhere LED Night Lights, 3-Pack
Price: $20.99
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Love these — have a set in a hall closet which isn’t wired for light, and they work great (just like a refrigerator light - they go on when the door is opened, and off on their own after a few minutes when there’s no more movement) Good price here :smiley: (only a happy customer saying this - I have no stake in whether they sell out soon or not, LOL!)

I seem to remember these being ~28 for a 6 pack about a year ago. Great lights but I can’t justify $20 for 3 more myself right now.

I have 3 in my hall, one in a bedroom closet, one on the basement stairs, and a spare I’ve been tinkering with for fun. Because I wanted these for a specific function the single position mount leaves a little to be desired. I had to rig up my own to get the position and angles right for full coverage in the hall.

Besides the mount, I have had zero issues and no complaints about these. No longer have to turn on/off lights in the hall at night or worry about waking the significant other in dark mornings while getting ready for work.

Battery life is based on usage. 1800mah rechargables in the hall lights last ~1month. A set of alkaline in the closet one lasted almost a year.

If you are at all handy, you can right these to use power from a 5v (USB) source. Personally planning to eventually power these from a solar charged battery backup system for reliable lighting without changing batteries even during a power outage.

These are GREAT, almost to bright and the batteries last forever. BUT they are over priced. The last Woot had 6 at a better price.

cheaper on the mothership if you have prime (23.17 shipped free)