Apple 12" Intel M3 256GB MacBooks (2017)

Apple 12" Intel M3 256GB MacBooks (2017)

Unless Woot throws in a better warranty, this is not a good deal, folks. When the keyboard fails, and it will, get ready to pony up another $600 to keep this thing running. Now if you could buy AppleCare for this computer, then I’d say, $800 for an Apple-refurbished 2017 Macbook is a good deal. But since you can’t, you’re rolling the dice with this machine. Best to keep your credit card in your wallet on this one.

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I jumped on here to say pretty much what had already been said: no decent warranty, no sale. We have one of these and it’s been great, but with a 90 day warranty, I wouldn’t try it at $499.

I have replaced the keyboard, power cord, power board, and battery of my 2011 macbook air. I have been thinking about replacing the hard drive but I guess third party SSD can screw up the sleeping of the computer after shutting the lid. I would have no problems getting this computer but Apple is fighting the consumers right to repair. Supposedly the new T2 security chip is just meant to check on home repairs with third party parts. It will flag anything that is not Apple and brick your machine. Really sucks because Apple computers are actually easy to fix because they don’t have a ton of models to choose from like the other laptop companies. Thinkpads are about the only other laptop that looks the same year after year.

100% agree, I had a 2015 model, keyboard failed. It was covered by warranty but out of warranty cost would have been $500 or more. I won’t buy any of the butterfly keyboard apple laptops, and I advise everyone I know to avoid them until they fix the issue. These are time bombs.

I own an older 2016 version of the Macbook 12, and it has been a flawless machine for the last 2+ years. Keyboard included. But I don’t dribble cracker crumbs over my keyboard or use it on a sandy beach, which will kill it. Food and sand and liquids have never agreed with keyboards. Dog hair is different. Can’t keep that off it given I’ve got three Labs, but hair doesn’t seem to bother the keyboard.

I was thinking of getting another Macbook 12 and then sending my older one on to my son-in-law, given his very old Macbook Air recently died, and getting a 2017 model like this for ~$800 versus ~$1300 new is a steal.

I have bought dozens of Macbooks of various types since they’ve existed, and only one of those machines ever developed a serious problem, and that was after five years. The 90 day warranty (versus 1 year) is fine with me. If it’s working when I get it, it’ll keep working. Or so my experience says .