Apple 21.5" iMac Desktop MNDY2LL/A

Apple 21.5" iMac Desktop MNDY2LL/A

Is this worth it compared to the latest model (Mothership) for $250 more?ón/dp/B07Q1P5SB5

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Good point. Get the new version, no way you should pay $1k for a 3-year old iMac.

I mean the i3 8100 iMac in the link you posted(in which that processor still came out in 2017 just like the i5 7400) is pretty much the same as the 7th gen i5 7400 (because intel made 8th gen i3’s quad core finally). The i3 is just a tad faster than the i5 in this one. Otherwise though the specs for the machines are identical so for a couple hundred off its really not a terrible deal if you want a decent mac at an affordable…ish price. That said its not anywhere near newer processors and a far cry from anything windows based at the same price point

This is a terrible deal no matter how you slice it, it’s old, with new generation could drop any time, only comes with HDD and no SSD, anything will be slow motion. And price is pretty uncompetitive, plus it even doesn’t come with full Apple warranty (3rd party warranty is less convenient, plus, this means the computer could be rejected by Apple Store and official warranty without exception (That even a quality program won’t save you.)
Even you need the cheapest iMac Retina, the 2019 i3 refurb version on Apple official site, for $1099, is $120 well spent.
woot’s Apple products just don’t worth it.

Not just the age of this, but a 21" monitor? Are we back in the 90’s?

And a slow 5400rpm HDD to boot! No thanks!!

The 21.5” display is a nice size if you don’t have a lot of space. The slow HDD is a non-starter along with only 8gb of RAM that can’t be upgraded. Swapping out the drive for a SSD is not easy. Not worth the savings.

I didn’t find the 2019 model on Apple’s site but perhaps they are sold out or my search capabilities are woot-like. Please post a link if you see it. Thank you.

I bought this same computer on sale for $1100 in 2017. It’s a great computer but not a great price.

Seems it’s indeed out of stock at this moment (Although they feature it on refurbished homepage), I’d recommend using to watch out the restock.