Apple 8GB 2nd Generation iPod Touch Woot Info Post
give me or give me death!

Apple 8GB 2nd Generation iPod Touch [Refurbished] - $149.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Apple MB528LL/A 8GB Gen 2 iPod Touch – White Box

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Apple 8GB 2nd Generation iPod Touch
$149.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Apple MB528LL/A 8GB Gen 2 iPod Touch - White Box

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Dear WOOT,

Next time you have a WOOT-OFF with this onezie twozie crapola I suggest you put it all together and have 10,000 B_()_C’S They will sell a lot better and relieve the stress you put on the WOOTERS that have been up awaiting the next deal only to find it is leftovers from the last WOOT-OFF.

Thank you


P.S. Steer a BOC my way.

Glad I have my Iphone 3GS

Wow, this was gone before it even started.


edit fixed link

I think these will go fast.

Only $10 cheaper than buying it new… Lol.

Wow, that literally sold out in seconds…

APPLE apple apple TOUCH me APPLE apple Apple TOUCH ME ! ! ! !

shitty shit

Apple iPod touch 2nd Generation (8 GB) WiFi MP3 Player
Enlarge 7 Bids $173.75 <1m


Same price as

c’mon…seriously. same price on apple outlet…cept there it has a ONE year warranty…not 90 days

I blinked.
It was gone.

Apple has the same thing for the same price…and it’d be from Apple instead of woot…I mean…come on Woot. Make it at least 5 dollars cheaper…

A phantom touch