Apple A1243 Aluminum Wired Keyboard

Apple A1243 Aluminum Wired Keyboard

Kinda confusing, is this an Apple keyboard or a Matias keyboard?
Shows Apple number and pics for Apple Keyboard, but description is for a Matais Keyboard.
What would I get if I order this?


Howdy. Sorry for the confusion. It’s an apple keyboard. We corrected the features.

Is this compatible with any iPad or iPhone? I looked but didn’t see it, so apologies if I ovrlooked it.

Only the bluetooth models work with iPhones and iPads

I ordered this and received a different product. I got a wireless keyboard, instead of wired, and a standard keyboard, instead of extended. (Yes, I’ve sent a message to Woot customer service – this note is just to see if there are others in the same pickle.)

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Got mine today… same deal… A1314 and international keyboard layout on top of it all!