Apple HomePod Speaker with Siri

Apple HomePod Speaker with Siri

When I home pod for came out and after reviewing the feature sets that were present AND planned for the future. I said to myself OK $250 retail price. Well now Apple has come to its senses. $350 was too much especially for a company that was pushing ear buds and introduced a product such as this with real world limitations. This fine for one room, dorm or patio.

For Long term, or for home owners, condo owners don’t waste your time and $$ just go with Sonos for your wifi speaker needs.

Failed homepod already on woot huh

While I love many Apple products. I own laptops to minis and phones and Apple TV. This speaker only allows connection to apple music, which I don’t use. Once, if ever , it opens up the speaker to spotify, pandora, etc, then I would consider it. The sound is amazing and well worth it at this price. At this point in time I agree Sonos is the one to go with. Shame it’s stock in doing so poorly.

“Open box” meh.

I have one of these. Also had a Sonos for a bit.
The Sonos was hard to use… multiple apps, and was problematic with WiFi. (I don’t think it had Siri).

HomePod does seem to have excellent sound (afaict; I’m not a high end audiophile type).

I ~don’t~ think Apple Music is required — the HomePod shows up on my iphone/iPad like an AirPlay device.

Plus, it can be used for phone calls. Speakerphone.

I do not own a Homepod but from my experience with Siri I sure hope that they have upgraded the software that helps her properly understand the English language. I do own both Google and Amazon home assist speakers and they are superior in simply understanding a persons request.

The homepod sounds pretty good for $100. The problem is, that it costs $350 usually. For that price you can have a pretty decent starter set of bookshelf speakers that outperform the homepod in every way.

Have one. It’s amazing. Never distorts. I can’t wait to pair it with one of these open-box units.

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Got it today, like new, sounds great.

Mine arrived today, looks and sounds good as new. However, it was still linked to someone else’s iCloud account when I powered it on. I had to do some googling to figure out how to reset it.

If yours arrives this way: unplug it, then plug it back in and immediately press down on the grey cloud on the display, holding it until it turns red, and keeping it held until it announces its about to reset and chimes three times.

Pretty simple, but I’d have at least expected it be ready for its new owner out of the box.


Open box? It’s a defective device out of the box. It didn’t connect to any of my iPhone with HomeKit regardless how many times I reset it. I would never buy an open box item again ever. I rather buy it at Apple store with full warranty and zero issue to begin with.

I’m very sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.