Apple iPhone 8 64GB Space Gray Fully Unlocked (S&D)

Apple iPhone 8 64GB Space Gray Fully Unlocked (S&D)

Note, Apple has announced the latest iPhone operating system update, iOS 15 and that it will come (always free and automatically offered on Apple devices, regardless of your carrier, when the device is compatible) to the iPhone 8.

For reference, the current entry level new iPhone from Apple is the iPhone SE 2, with an MSRP of $399. The iPhone SE 2 has the size and case of the iPhone 8 with the cpu of the iPhone 11 and camera of the iPhone XR and like this iPhone 8, has 64 GB of storage, which should be plenty for average mainstream users (if you think you need more, look at your current phone’s usage).


Sooooooooo… iphone SE 2 for a benjamin more.

‘Not sure how $399-$170 = $270, but if your equity math works that way, go for it!

Is this really compatible with Sprint? I’m asking as I just returned a fully-unlocked SE 2 that was not able to be activated on the Sprint Network (would work on T-Mobile, but I still have a legacy Sprint account and need to activate it on their system). The ONLY way I found that out was by entering the IMEA (or whatever) number into the Sprint activation system (oh, and in a pamphlet that came with the phone as a footnote).

Sprint is an odd duck. It would be best to check with them.


This is advertised clearly as “Unlocked for all carriers”, so I purchased 2 thinking it was a pretty good deal. I took them both to T-Mobile to activate and both of their ESN’s are tied to a prepaid SKU and can’t be activated for post paid (i.e. T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, etc.). They are both useless! Very disappointed in Amazon!

You’ll need to contact Woot! Customer Service and get that taken care of…

And Woot! is not Amazon, but a wholly owned subsidiary of Amazon, as I recall.

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