Apple iPhone XR 64GB - Fully Unlocked

Apple iPhone XR 64GB - Fully Unlocked

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These are $330 refurbished on Amazon right now. Not sure this is slick! Granted Amazon just categorize as refurbished, and don’t specify a grade.

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Hey Woot, I bought this phone less than a month ago for $20 more. How about a little help here.

Refurbishment grade matters. A lot.. Assuming the rater is credible. I think we all have friends whose phones look nearly perfect after a couple years (this phone has been out that long)… as well as friends whose phones look like they’ve been thru a war zone after 6 months.

And Woot is Amazon. Perhaps with a bit more responsive Customer Support vs Amazon in my experience.

This a very nice phone - my current phone. The only thing I sorta miss is the night photo mode that started on the iPhone 11. And that isn’t a huge deal.

The thing I’d ponder? That 80% battery guarantee. Isn’t it often 85%? Once it drops below 90% if you’re a heavy phone user you start to notice it. Having to budget for a battery replacement within a few months would put pressure on that $330 price vs $500 new with 1-year warranty direct from Apple. A proper battery replacement by Apple is $69.


I am still using an iPhone XR (256GB) and haven’t been able to justify upgrading to an 11 or 12 yet due to price and potentially losing some storage and because the XR is plenty fast, has a nice screen (if not the best), and rocks a solid camera. Also, it’s paid off. The XR came with a decently larger battery from the get go, but I went ahead and bought an official Apple XR battery case from eBay for like $40. So all is well. I am going to wait for the iPhone 13 or a better 12 deal.

It’s a great iPhone.

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I think the XR has been the “best deal” iPhone for a while in terms of features, stability, and “non-ridiculous price,” i.e. less then $1000. I did buy one new when it came out, from an Apple store (unlocked). I guess that was 2 1/2 years ago(?).

Apple did lower the retail price last year making it more competitive (but not this low, of course).

I agree refub condition matters a lot. The only think we really know about this is that they did not grade it (S&D) which in my Woot experience means “you probably won’t be happy.” So this might be much better than that and a good chance you will be at least 80% happy.

The thing you really want is “refurbished by Apple.” That will cost a premium for sure. It is not listed that way here, so I’m assuming it’s not an official refurb. I think at times Woot has sold some refurbs like that. If so, it would usually say “Apple xx day warranty” instead of “Woot xx day warranty.” When I have bought something refurb from Apple, it looked essentially completely new, perhaps it was warehouse stock never shipped(?), and came with new original accessories and Apple warranty. That might be worth quite a bit extra.

The phone I received was in very good condition. A few scuffs on the back, and a mint screen. Battery health showed 100%. The Lightning cable supplied pissed me off…total length was 8 inches. Thankfully I had a longer one.

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HEY WOOT! Seriously, is there a posted policy about pricing guarantees for any portion of time??

We don’t lower the price within 14 days of another sale. There’s no price guarantees.

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For $20? I could see being upset over a difference of $50 or $100 and up but $20… :roll_eyes:

Not upset, Larry. But would be tickled if I could get my 20 bucks back. It was only 3 weeks ago!!

Larry1977, send JimFett $20. He’s got a good attitude!

What a great idea. He can just donate it to his local humane society for me. Thanks in advance, Larry.

You are sure, I can buy this and use it on T-Mobile?

Hi I’ve been with Apple for many years my latest phone being the 8 w/max memory capacity, (expensive to move up.) So what I’m asking is, is what the consensus is here? Is this a huge gamble as to what you may end up getting?

Agree on battery. Ordered a refurb iPhone 8 from Amazon for my daughter that said “at least 85%”. Good seller ratings. Arrived exactly at 85 after charge and 2 days later dropped to 83. Battery had to be replaced about 4 months later. Couldn’t get an Apple appt, so went to a local shop @ 79 bucks.

Ouch, that’s $30 more than a proper battery replacement by Apple themselves on the 8.

And if Apple screws up the replacement, they hand you a virtually new (their recert models have new cases and batteries) phone.

Bought 2/1/21. Phone won’t turn on 7/25/21. Great