Apple iPhone XS Max (Unlocked)

Apple iPhone XS Max (Unlocked)


With a 1 yr Apple warranty, are these actually Apple refurbs?

Description says New. Probably overstock and trying to get rid of.

Correct. These are new with Apple warranty.

Estimated delivery date shows June 10. I ordered on May 23. Is that correct? 2.5 week delivery time??

Does delivery actually take 2.5 weeks?

That’s the worst case scenario that includes transit. Items often ship sooner.

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Does the iPhone package comes sealed?

Hello. Yes. Brand new, fully sealed packaging.

It is available in Tokyo, Japan?
If I took one, how long for shipping and it can be warranty in apple store Japan?

Hi. Are these for sure brand new?

ThunderThighs said two days ago…

Got ours in 4 days

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All Reviews State this doesn’t come in Original Box & is Refubished Not New!!! Most w only 96% Battery Life Most have No Scatches. Not New as Stated!!!

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Ours are shipping direct from our vendor, not from Amazon inventory. Ours are new, in box.

Can this phone be used with carriers outside the US?

Sorry, we don’t have that information. Best to check with the carrier.

is this the US version? I want to make sure that the price of the phone is not due to the fact that this build is imported from other countries.

Yes, these are US model iPhones in brand new condition and with Apple warranty.

Is this iPhone US version?