AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush

AquaSonic Black Series Toothbrush

i have 2 of these. one black and one grey. one for home and one for work/travel. i consider these the best things i have gotten from woot. i replaced that spinning head toothbrush for one of these and never looked back. the difference is amazing. my teeth feel cleaner then when i used the other electric toothbrush. there will be people who claim you can not buy replacement heads but that is false. woot had an upgraded? version a week ago that comes with a glass cup that acts as a charging base for an extra 20 dollars.

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These have popped up a few times in a few different flavors on woot this month.

these are not ultrasonic toothbrushes(neither is the sonicare). Every manufacturer is using “sonic” in their name to imply their toothbrush is “ultra sonic”. fooled me, and I bought two, and they are great electric toothbrushes! really leave your teeth feeling clean, and I definitely brush for the full two minutes.

Does make we want to try a true ultrasonic to compare.
This brush holds a charge well, two weeks no problem. Comes with a bunch of brush heads. good woot.

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wow, I can’t believe my luck.

I have a black philips sonicare diamondclean toothbrush that I’ve had for a few years. Just this week it started buzzing while in the charger. google search shows a lot of people having that issue, but there’s no explanation from Philips on what the issue is. I assume maybe the battery is starting to fail, despite it still working (at least I haven’t run the battery down yet).

I remember that or a similar model were on sale recently here or that other site and I was bummed that I missed it. So I’m very pleased to see this one here, it looks identical to the Diamondclean. Even with the wireless charging, though the Philips model has a nicer looking glass cup that it sits in.

Does anyone know if these are comparable or even compatible? (I have about 14 brush heads that I picked up before this thing died).

Brush heads are not compatible with Sonicare. They are available but attach completely differently than the sonicare.

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It’s a sad state of affairs when a company can brag about being “based” in the USA, while everyone knows they manufacture where ever they can find the cheapest labor.

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Is the battery replaceable?

professor toothbrush here- An ultrasonic toothbrush is one that uses a very high frequency of vibration referred to as ultrasound to remove plaque and bacteria from the teeth.

To be classified as such, the brush has to emit a wave of at least 20,000Hz or 2,400,000 movements per minute, considerably more than the very popular sonic technology.

Within the USA, the Food and Drug Association (FDA) actually specifies a minimum of 1.6MHz or 192,000,000 movements per minute.

Hello. The battery is not replaceable.

I have the much more expensive Sonicare this is an obvious copy of. The Sonicare seems stronger. But this works fine and will go in my always-packed suitcase for travel. Too bad there is not much travel lately.

There seems to be a lot of confusion re: What is or isn’t a ultrasonic toothbrush. Probably due to various companies sales propaganda. Please review the following research article, from March 2020:

From the conclusion section"
"It is challenging to assess the efficiency of different toothbrushes, as there are so many factors contributing to the removal of plaque and the maintenance of oral hygiene. Nevertheless, published data indicate that ultrasonic, as well as electric toothbrushes, maintain better oral hygiene than manual counterparts. By direct comparison of different tooth brushing systems, most clinical trials show that the sonic/ultrasonic toothbrushes perform better than purely non-acoustic powered brushes. Sonic/ultrasonic toothbrushes may have the potential to reduce more dental biofilm by stimulating more hydrodynamic effects and also by forcing more efficient brushing motions.

The differences in the reduction of dental plaque by ultrasonic vs. sonic toothbrushes were not statistically significant. Both types of toothbrushes showed successful removal of plaque and reduction in gingival infection but no elimination of already existing periodontal diseases, as well as no difference in the infiltration of supra- and sub-gingival regions. The combination of both types, sonic and ultrasonic, showed the most promising result in maintaining good oral health.

Although the ultrasonic cleaners also use the acoustic energy in a liquid medium, they are not directly comparable to ultrasonic toothbrushes since acoustic waves in the mouth are propagating through a multiphase system. Further investigations are needed to clarify the correlation between the manner of application of acoustic waves on the teeth surface (e.g., sonic intensities, frequency combinations, wave modulations, etc.) and the resulting hydrodynamic forces…"


Sonicare heads do work on this toothbrush. Here is a detailed review that also gives links to purchase replacement Aquasonic heads which have recently become available.